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Watch “No Fear” VIDEO Featuring Combat Warriors Who Have Actually Fought Real Terrorists


“No Fear” might just be the next video Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama blame something on and it is powerful and hilarious!

Fight Club has teamed with real combat warriors who have actually fought real terrorists to fight America’s enemies. SCROLL DOWN FOR MUST-SEE VIDEO

In the tradition of John Ford and Walt Disney, Fight Club has teamed with military personnel to fight America’s enemies and campaign against leaders who do not have their backs. “No Fear” features combat warriors who have actually fought real terrorists.

The creators of Fight Club are Hollywood filmmakers who started out making a simple movie about the border and ended up creating a new genre of political messaging both for Presidential and down-ticket campaigns.

While trying to discover the truth and tell the stories of difficult places and events such as the US Southern Border and the 2009 regime change in Honduras, the filmmakers found out–first hand and repeatedly–that many of the stories “reported” to the American people by the main stream media were either purposely slanted or just plain false.

Then, after a year on the campaign trail to the White House, they also discovered how certain politicians, media types and other vested interests intentionally divide and misinform the public in order to acquire, keep and accumulate money, perks and power.

See Fight Club’s newest video “No Fear” featuring real United States military personnel as they fight America’s enemies and campaign against leaders who do not have their backs.

The level of information manipulation is truly frightening!

The creators of Fight Club PAC believe with all their hearts that, when armed with the truth, the American people will once again unite to become the most powerful force for good on the planet. They also know that, despite our increasingly “PC” culture, truth can be presented compellingly–and to a significantly larger and more diverse audience–through wit and humor. Fight Club PAC offers both facts and perspective to normal Americans who would otherwise be misled, or kept in the dark entirely, by the corporate MSM and corrupt political elite.

But it’s no longer effective to use an 8-track player to message to an iPod world. The world has changed…and so too should our tactics.

Fight Club’s creators have captured tens of millions of views from their viral videos.Funded by everyday Americans, Fight Club PAC’s mission is to harness the power of creative content and social media to educate Americans and to fight “all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

46% of Americans now get their news from online sources. ISIS and other terrorist groups have harnessed the power of the internet to recruit a global army and bring bloody jihad to the USA. It is time to fight back for truth, justice and the American way.

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