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Newest CoverGirl Spokesperson is Really… a CoverBoy?!


Today, what liberals consider progress, our great-grandparents would have had a heart attack over. Ready or not here it comes, the latest easy, breezy, beautiful, Cover Girl is actually a hairy, bony, square-jawed dude…

Charles, who’s still a senior in high school, is a makeup artist with nearly 430k followers. He’s the first male ambassador for the cosmetics giant in its nearly 60 years as a brand. He will appear in print, television and digital ads both with Perry and by himself.

Let’s address the unwanted penis in the room. See anything wrong here? His eyebrows look like disgruntled caterpillars sizing each other up before a duel. If you buy their makeup, you, too, can look like a gay man with overdrawn eye fur… Because CoverGirl’s turned over a new, fake freckled, bushy browed leaf.

Also, pardon my ignorance, but when one hears CoverGirl, one expects… You know, girls. Speaking of which, feminists? Any time you want to chime in on this one. This is a gay guy, clearly, who’s infiltrating the women’s beauty industry. Taking a job, and platform, away from a woman. Sounds a bit “problematic” to me. After all, allowing sparkly dudelets to erase women pretty much goes against everything leftists claim to stand for (see Transgender Student “Diversity Officer” Now Loses Job for Being A White Male).


Of course they would, only a true leftist could wet their diapers in excitement over the new CoverBoy. There’s absolutely nothing boyish about him, besides his anatomy. In fact, I’d say he hijacked everything that makes him “special” from us ladies – the nails, makeup, annoying high pitched voice…

Now he’s just a pathetic loser with the face of a female brand with a different package.

CoverGirl can use whoever/whatever they want as a mascot – even Ru Paul’s Drag Race rejects. The glaring difference, even more glaring than that nose ring, is the fact that they did it for the sake of “progress…”

Except it doesn’t line up with “progressive” values, which prefer women above men.

No matter how much glitter and mascara you throw on him, a man is still a man. Unless he’s voting for Bernie and driving a Prius, sorry dudes, you can’t shave and wax away the essence of the male gender. Since we’re on the subject…


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