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New Mom Goes In For A Regular Ultrasound, Ends Up Getting The Worst News Of Her Life!


Being pregnant with a little one can be a nerve-wracking task to take on, for this mom especially. Usually, a mother’s intuition is spot on, at least it was in this case. Lilly Munto was in her 24th week of pregnancy when she simply couldn’t shake the feeling that something was very wrong, ignoring her fears of embarrassment that she was overreacting she went with her gut instinct and booked an appointment with the hospital right away.

Not long after her and her fiance walked through the doors, she received word that something was seriously wrong…and they had to act fast.

Lilly Munro and her fiancé Brodie Moles were told by doctors that their unborn son, Lennox, had a heart complication—and they had to induce birth immediately.

She was only 24 weeks along, so their son’s chances of survival were about 50/50. He only weighed about 1.8 pounds!

As part of his treatment, Baby Lennox had to be placed in a sort of plastic bag that would increase his chances of survival. It would prevent his body temperature from falling too low.

Eventually, he was hooked up to tubes and hoses, which was difficult for the new parents to watch.

Lennox got off to a rough start.

Ultimately, Lennox had to be in the hospital for 111 days!

Lilly had to give up her job so that she could stay at the hospital with Lennox, and Brodie took over responsibilities at home, including helping to care for Lilly’s three other children. In the end, it was worth it. Both parents cherished every moment with their newborn son.


Lilly said that the doctors and staff went above and beyond their call of duty to help her little one and that thanks to them she was able to bring him home.

Now he already weighs nine pounds and is doing much better, this little family couldn’t be happier!

It’s remarkable just how far along he’s come since being born prematurely. This also proves that abortion really is murder. If a baby can live so young after being born, how on earth is ripping their head and limbs off, just to take their body parts, not murder?


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