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NEW Bigfoot Sighting? Best Video Ever!


People have been reporting Bigfoot sightings in Northern California and the Northwest for a long time. It’s beginning to look like the slippery creature somehow managed to put one over on the Department of Homeland Security and TSA and got a passport and airline ticket to Indonesia.

We’ve got video from Indonesia that shows the enormous creature showering under a waterfall after a hard day of scaring the locals. The video – like all Bigfoot video – is somewhat distorted but you can clearly see an enormous creature that looks like videos and still shots of our Bigfoot.

The wide shot at the beginning of the video is an Indonesian mountain range that looks like just the place Bigfoot would want to call home. All is quiet and then he appears out of nowhere walking in front of the waterfall. It’s our guess that the big guy is just cleaning up. Haven’t you ever been camping and washed up under a waterfall?

There are obviously doubters will be saying this is just another fake video, what you think? Is that Sasquatch? And if it is did he really fool the Department of Homeland Security and TSA?

Personally I’m not sure if that really is Bigfoot, but I’m absolutely willing to believe that Bigfoot could dupe the Department of Homeland Security into giving them a passport and as long as he was buying his airline ticket with a credit card he wouldn’t have any problem getting through TSA security.

Will be keeping an eye out to see if Bigfoot reappears in Indonesia.


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