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NBC Sitting on Interview With Credible Rape Claim Against Bill Clinton


The Democratic operatives with bylines (also known as “Journalists”) together with NBC are being accused of sitting on an interview where Juanita Broaddrick makes a credible claim not only that she was raped by Bill Clinton, but that Hillary Clinton was involved in quashing Broderick’s charges.

But that’s not news to our major media. What’s news, 3 weeks before the election is that Gloria Allred has magically dragged a woman – out of the tens of thousands of women Donald Trump has hired over the decades – who suddenly remembered he “groped” her.

This is sick. The lib media isn’t even trying to hide the fact that they’re an extension of the Democrat Party. I told you that no matter how much they were in the tank for Obama – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Well, we’re seeing it now.


Michael Isikoff, who first learned about Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, reported that NBC has the full tape of its initial interview with Broaddrick and they’re sitting on.

It should be noted that Isikoff spiked the story of Bill’s affair and sat on it until it was reported by National Enquirer and Drudge.

Broaddrick has claimed for years that NBC edited out her claims that Hillary was involved in the cover-up. Isikoff claims that NBC reporter and Democratic operative with a byline, Lisa Myers, confirmed Broaddrick’s claim that NBC edited her damaging accusations against Hillary from the tape.

NBC has never released an unedited version of the Juanita Broaddrick interview.

The conduct of Democrats in this election campaign is shocking even to Isikoff. “It’s amazing to watch how Democrats who attacked [Bill Clinton’s accusers] are now embracing the Trump accusers…” It’s especially galling given that every one of Donald Trump’s accusers has been shown beyond doubt to be a liar.

Earlier this year, Andrea Mitchell – a Democratic correspondent with a byline employed by NBC – insisted that Juanita Broderick’s claims had been “discredited.” NBC quietly deleted the line from all of their reporting when they were faced with legal action by Broderick’s son. They never bothered with the retraction.

I find it amazing how easily women voters and black voters can be bought off by the Democratic Party who doesn’t give a damn about either group beyond their votes. Bill Clinton will go on sexually assaulting women and the Democratic Party will ignore the fact that their policies have pushed the black community into tribalism on November 9. It’s been their standard operating procedure for at least 60 years, there’s no point in changing it now.


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