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Is Monica Lewinsky Getting the Last Laugh on Hillary? You Betcha’ [WATCH]


Is Monica Lewinsky preparing to make a movie deal with NBC?

She has had breakfast with at least one big Hollywood mogul and the look on her face is priceless!

Page Six  obtained video of Lewinsky and Ron Meyer, vice chairman of NBCUniversal, coming out of a meeting at a Brentwood restaurant.

But as she refuses to comment on ANYTHING, notice that priceless grin:

Page Six reports:

“Page Six exclusively obtained pictures of Monica Lewinsky and Meyer, vice chairman of NBCUniversal, meeting at a Brentwood restaurant recently. The pair shared an affectionate hug before Lewinsky looked crestfallen that they’d been caught on camera.

Sources speculated about why Meyer — who is a Hillary Clinton donor and supporter — would be meeting with Monica.

One said, “It seemed to be more of a friendly business meeting than a budding romance. Could there be a Monica movie in the works?”

Meanwhile, Meyer has extended his contract with NBCUniversal for another five years. The contract extension is a vote of confidence by Comcast, which fully acquired the studio’s parent company, NBCUniversal, in 2013. Meyer’s new deal comes off the back of a record-breaking 2015 for the studio’s box-office earnings.”

A Hillary Presidency will make anything Clinton “gold” and Hollywood knows it! The Monica Lewinsky Story would pack moviehouses all over the nation and would most likely put Lewinsky in a much higher Clinton tax bracket!

But that grin on Lewinsky’s face is pure gold within itself. That is the cat that swallowed the canary and I think we could say with confidence that SOMETHING is up!

As Ron Mayer is a BIG Clinton donor, I am sure this news is making waves in the Clinton campaign. While Mayer is a supporter, money is money… especially in Hollywood! House of Cards meets Scandal meets the 90’s anyone?

We can hope! The story has all the pieces of a drama: Power, wealth, sex and conspiracy! The Monica Lewinsky Story has all that and more!

Of course the Clinton’s have priors for squashing items in Hollywood that they do not like…so we will see.

Is Monica Lewinsky preparing to make a movie deal with NBC?


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