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The Moment When An Army Veteran Shove’s Hillary’s Lies Into Her Face [Video]


Dom Raso spent 12 years in the military and was a Navy SEAL. I think we can all say he knows a thing or two about coming under military fire.  He also knows the price our men and women in uniform pay each and every day to defend our freedom on the battlefield.  He’s been there and seen it!

Raso also knows the lies that Hillary Clinton is capable of. BIG Lies! It wasn’t that long ago that he caught Clinton telling one BIG FAT LIE. The Former Navy SEAL and NRA News contributor Raso, released the video that proved that then former First Lady Hillary Clinton who said she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia in 1996 was caught telling a fabricated story – a BIG FAT LIE!


H/T Yes I’m Right:

These were Hillary Clinton’s words to the press:

“I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base. But it was a moment of great pride for me,” Mrs. Clinton said in 2008.

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton ALMOST got away with this BIG FAT LIE, But Dom Raso’s video footage proved Clinton LIED!

Raso said:

“I’m not sure I see any sniper fire. And what makes this truly disgusting to me is that when she was called on it, she dismissed it as if it was no big deal. Only someone completely arrogant, ignorant and disrespectful of what really happens in war could say something like that — and all to get people to like you more.

I’ve seen sniper fire and there’s nothing casual, nothing small and nothing ordinary about fighting for your life on the battlefield.

There is an undeniable feeling that we all get when we learn of the selfless stories being told about the men and women who have sacrificed everything on the battlefield for our freedom. Those stories humble us, and they inspire us to wake up every single day and accomplish even more.

Hillary was willing to lie in order to take advantage of that feeling of gratitude and awe Americans have for those who serve: ‘Oh, I was under sniper fire, and I know what it feels like to be in war.’ When she was called out for lying in that speech, she tried to make excuses saying she misspoke or her memory was hazy and she’s only human.

In my 12-year military career, I never heard an excuse like that from my leadership. It’s impossible to even imagine that happening. When you fight a war or you lead a country, there are no excuses.


Every day for 12 years, I had a front row seat to watch the most awe-inspiring feats of human achievement anyone has ever witnessed. Nothing matches the feeling you get seeing guys suppress the fear of death in order to fight for their brothers and fight for the freedom of the men and women back home.

When you see that, when you truly see it and live it and experience it, those moments that you shared on the battlefield — the heroism and the courage you witnessed — will drive you and inspire you and humble you every single day for the rest of your life. And to associate yourself with that — not by action but by lying — is as dishonorable as anything I can imagine.

Dom Raso is absolutely right! Brian Williams was a joke, but Brian Williams is NOT running for office. Hillary Clinton is! Clinton lying about coming under fire is SO dishonorable to those who serve our country and have come under fire.

Clinton is running for President of the United States of America. She is running to be the next Commander-in-Chief. I think we can agree with Dom Raso, Clinton is NOT worthy of ANY office!

She has told lies after lies and the MSM just continues to cover them up year after year. But this particular time, Raso caught her in a lie. Hillary had to come clean on her lie. So, what did she do? She said she “mispoke”. RIGHT?


I suppose Hillary Clinton’s voters will say she “misspoke” about Whitewater, Benghazi, her emails and her private server too! Give me a frickin break!

If one press member in the MSM reported on even ONE incident in ALL of the WikiLeaks emails…more people might get a little more educated about ALL the lies Hillary Clinton has told while in office. But the MSM will not give any time to WikiLeaks in their news reports because THEY don’t consider it news when Clinton lies.  The MSM only considers it news when Donald Trump is caught saying something from a decade ago and then apologizes for it.

The MSM could care less about all the Clinton LIES and coverups that have taken place, including all those that conservatives, like you and I have to read about on Twitter, because we certainly can’t trust the MSM to report the accurate news. I suppose you are going to say this quote is a lie too:

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Wake Up People!



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