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Future Vice President, Mike Pence: This Election Is About Security, Prosperity, SCOTUS and Integrity


The American people are looking for change and Democrats have put up a candidate that literally resembles a failed establishment in Washington DC. Hillary is so old if she hasn’t gotten things right by now I’d say her time is up.

Vice presidential candidate, Mike Pence tells voters that the choice in this election is purely about security, prosperity, the Supreme Court of the United States, and the integrity of the highest office in the land.

Pence stated that “You cannot lead people that you loathe,”. He noted that Hillary Clinton’s contempt for millions of Americans should mean that she is unfit to lead the people of the United States.

Clinton made a VERY bad chess move when she called half of Trump supporters the “basket of deplorables,” “irredeemable,” and “not America.” She later expressed regret for saying “half,” a fact that Pence reminded America of during Tuesday night’s Vice Presidential debate against Clinton’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine.

Pence reminded the enthusiastic crowd of the amazing feats Trump could accomplish such as unifying the public with law enforcement once again, in order to restore law and order to every community not just in Pennsylvania but for the nation. He stated that by choosing trump, you’ll be choosing security, prosperity, SCOTUS, and integrity in the highest office in the land, Pence told the crowd.

Later Pence brought up Clinton’s mishandling of classified information on a private server, deleting of emails and didn’t fail to mention the crooked Clinton Foundation, when Hillary and former President Bill Clinton set up a private foundation that allowed the taking tens of millions from foreign governments.

Pence told the battleground Pennsylvania crowd to tell their fellow voters:

If you want a President who will cut taxes, grow this economy, squeeze every nickel out of that bloated federal bureaucracy and repeal Obamacare lock stock and barrel and then you tell ‘em, tell ‘em if you want a President who will build a wall, secure our borders, and enforce the laws of this nation for the citizens of this nation and if you want a president, if you want a president who will upend the status quo in Washington D.C. and uphold the Constitution of the Untied States of America, then you gotta tell your neighbors and friends you’ve got have one choice, if you want all of that. And I’m here to tell you, you can tell ‘em I told you…that man is ready. This team is ready. This movement is ready. Let’s go make sure Pennsylvania is ready. And we will make Donald Trump the 45th President of the United States of America and we will make America Great Again.

Donald Trump called me, a couple of times, right after the debate was over and he said, Mike you did great. And some people this I won…from where I sat Donald Trump won that debate. Donald Trump’s vision to Make America Great Again won that debate.

Pence made similar comments earlier at his Shenandoah Valley rally at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds. Even a Democrat-leaning CNN poll of debate watchers showed Pence winning the night over Kaine. That poll also showed the 29 percent of those polled moved toward voting for Trump after watching the VP debate.

Pence continued, “…and when we take that vision to every corner of Pennsylvania and every corner of the United States of America, that man and that vision is gonna win that debate all the way to the White House.”

Pence tweeted out photos of the crowd gathered at the Granville Volunteer Fire Company:


This CNN video producer said of the mood at the rally:


Fox News field producer Dan Gallo remarked that Pence met with Amish leaders before the rally:

Politico reporter Matthew Nussbaum tweeted:

I have a feeling Trump will smash Hillary at the next round of debates. No wonder she is taking so many days’s off right now, she’s probably trying to hatch her next plan for an unfair debate.


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