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Melania Trump Taunts Bill and Hillary Clinton with “P*ssy Bow” at Debate: Classic


The media has gone crazy over some locker room comments by Donald Trump 11 years ago. It’s not like there are any actual issues to discuss in this election, the current state of the Middle East, Russian expansion, the Muslim invasion of Europe and the coming Muslim invasion of the U.S. sponsored by Barack Obama and Paul Ryan, Hillary Clinton getting the past for putting national security at risk by using an unsecured email server during her term as Secretary of State. And that’s just a couple.

Nobody seems to care about whether or not Hillary Clinton and her boss ignored their duties and allowed people to die in Benghazi, but they care a lot about the fact that Donald Trump was overheard on a hot mic 11 years ago – when he was still a Democrat – saying the word “pussy.”

At Sunday night’s debate Trump’s wife Melania, a former fashion model, turned heads – and caused media heads to explode – with the blouse she wore to the venue.

It was attractive, pink, and had a big bow. This is what it looked like.


It’s a Gucci blouse that retails for $1,100. I’m sure Mrs. Trump paid full retail for it, she doesn’t need the “Obama discount.” Please note that Gucci calls the blouse, “a pussy-both silk crêpe de chine shirt.”

Oh my God!! A PUSSY bow!

Some people were saying it was an intentional, have a hard time believing that.


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