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Man Stares At Girlfriends Decomposing Body For 3 Days, THEN….


A man spent three days lying next to his girlfriend’s decomposing body after a fatal car crash. When he managed to crawl to the road closest to him, someone saw him and rushed him to the hospital!

But, to his horror the police showed up while he was in the recovery room, asking questions about the accident that he most certainly did not want to answer…

Reed died instantly and her body remained in the vehicle.

On Thursday Indiana Police revealed the man did not initially tell officers about the crash or that his girlfriend had been killed in it when he arrived at hospital.

They believe he was also driving on a suspended driver’s license. A warrant for his arrest has been issued.

Bell has not been seen since being released from hospital earlier in the week. He is facing charges including driving while suspended causing death, leaving the scene of a fatal crash, failure to report a dead body, driving while suspended and false informing.

‘On Tuesday, September 20, 2016, Bell left the vehicle and was located by a passerby along US 50 in Jennings County with injuries sustained in the crash.
‘Trooper Rick Hewitt arrived on scene and spoke with Bell. Bell lied to Trp. Hewitt about how he sustained his injuries and did not initially tell officers that he had been in a crash or that Reed was deceased inside the vehicle,’ an Indiana State Police statement read.

They say that Reed’s death is not being treated as suspicious. Last week her relatives even took to social media to share their grief after receiving news of her death.

Bell’s family has appealed for help to raise money for her mother’s funeral, telling mourners: ‘All I know is that I want this to not be true, I just wish it was a dream! I love my mom so much!

‘I wish she was still here so I can hug her an tell her I love her one more time! Please anyone help! Any amount will help!’.


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