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Man KILLS Father And Sister-In Law To LURE His Wife To Their Funerals- For Her Own Assassination


The world seems to be growing darker as time goes on, especially with someone like Hillary Clinton being able to run for the highest office of the United States of America. It’s just an abomination.


Now we have learned that a Texas man has skeletons in his closet that have made an entrance and the story they are telling…is nothing less of heinous.

His name is Samuel Velasco Gurrola, and he’s a 41 year old man living in El Paso, Texas. He is now facing a life sentence for conspiracy to commit murder in a foreign country and conspiracy to cause foreign travel for murder for hire.

Lots of guilt to atone for…

The man has two of his siblings pleading guilty to conspiracy-related counts, both of which are also facing life terms. Then he even has a third sibling whom authorities are still on a man hunt to find.

Gurrola was charged back in 2005 with aggravated sexual assault of a child including indecency with a child. It was his wife, 40 year old Ruth Escobedo that was set to testify against him.

So naturally, what does a good for nothing, evil guy do? He plans to kill her.

It was Ruth’s first husband, and Father of her children that testified in court of Ruth’s willingness to lock Velasco up for his horrid actions.

‘She was very adamant about getting this person [Velasco] The prosecuted and have him pay for what he did,’ he said.

At the time of the plotted murder, Velasco and Ruth were in the process of getting divorced, but did not finalize it yet.

Velasco hired a group of masked men to break into his Father-in-law’s house, steal money from his safe and kill him. Just as Velasco had planned, his wife crossed the border to attend her Father’s funeral, where he had assassins waiting to kill her on sight.

However, his Brother ended up contacting him later to inform him that the kill could not be carried out, as the assassins had reported there were too many police officers in attendance.

So, he then came up with a NEW plan to murder his wife. This time it was his sister-in-law he had killed. She was shot dead in cold blood by masked gunmen right outside her late Father’s hotel in Juarez.

Just two days later, Ruth herself, was riding in a limousine in the funeral procession when a masked man opened fire on her using a machine gun. She was killed along with her best friend who was sitting with her.


‘I saw Roberto’s head just gone,’ Carlos Sagredo recounted for the jury. ‘I saw my sister … with a bullet in her eye. She expired in front of me.’

Can you imagine being this poor Brother? His Father was murdered, followed by both of his Sisters. And why? Because some pervert decided to do wicked acts, and make them pay for it?

The injustice of it all is unbearable!

Well now, this a-hole can go to jail and there ROT with HIS entire family…his brothers and his sister are all being investigated. The one that’s still at large…well, I hope they catch his slimy ass real soon.

Currently, there are four siblings and nine other suspects who are facing federal charges in a drug-trafficking case separate from these brutal murders…so they won’t being seeing daylight as free humans for… well, possibly forever.


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