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Liberal Anchor Tries Tripping Up Trump with Gotcha Question. But He Wasn’t Having It…


Before everyone starts getting their panties in a bunch, we need to throw this out there, Trump wasn’t the only one to have walked off an interview this week (see: Hillary Abruptly Ends Interview When Reporter Asks Her THIS Question). But make no mistake, the media is on Hillary’s side, so Trump is the only one being blasted for it. The question that was posed (as you’ll see) was a “Gotcha” question about racism and sexism. Hillary was invited to explain her side of the story on her voter fraud accusations. One of these things is very different from the other.

Walk off occurs approximately 3:28, but the lead-up matters. Watch the ENTIRE CLIP. Until the end!

First things first, let’s I must comment on the walk off…


That question was leading, meant to be a “GOTCHA, TRUMP! BWHAHAHAHA!” leftist shill moment of “All Republicans are racist” suck.

Moment missed.

Reminder, Hillary walked off an interview because she was asked about “DNC operatives,” not if she was a racist or liked her pool boys to wear pantsuits.

So what was The Donald trying to discuss before Colleen Marshal went tabloid? The issues. You know, those things leftists always complain that Trump never discusses? Right.

We’re going to lower taxes substantially for Ohio and everybody else. Our taxes were the highest taxed action anywhere in the world, so we are gong to lower taxes, very, very substantially. We are also going to lower business taxes. The businesses now are leaving. They are going to Mexico and everywhere else because the taxes are so high. When we do this massive tax cut, this massive regulatory cut which is a tremendous problem, we’re going to have jobs coming back. We have a GDP of around one percent. You saw the last quarter it was around one percent which is record setting low. Almost record-setting lows.

Look, we are going to have a tremendous GDP. Its going to be four percent, maybe four and a half percent. If that happens, then our nation will be booming again. We have the weakest recovery in our nation since the depression, since the great depression. People are looking for jobs. Look at the kind of crowds we are getting, for example right here. They are looking for help. They are looking for the jobs. Our manufacturing has been stripped out of our country. Our jobs have been taken out of our country. So my plan is lowering taxes. Hillary Clinton wants to raise taxes.

Trump simply wanted to talk about facts, issues, and how to solve these issues. The reporter wanted one thing, to talk about trash. She tried ensnaring him in a wordy-trap, and maybe in the past Trump might have taken the bait, but not this time.

He gave her the ultimate burn…a cold shoulder brush off. OOH, I got a little chill.


You may not be Trumps biggest cheerleader, but you gotta give credit where credit is due!

Then there is that little fact that Hillary Clinton should still never be President…


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