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Lester Holt’s Lies During Debate Exposed by Neil Cavuto [VIDEO]


Lester Holt is a Democratic operative with a byline. Holt moderated the first Trump/Clinton debate and made Candy Crowley proud. He repeatedly interrupted Trump to “fact check” Trump’s statements and it turns out that all of his “fact checks” were wrong. Just like Candy Crowley’s fact check of Mitt Romney in the second debate with Barack Obama in 2012.

The Iraq war was a hot topic in this debate. Holt insisted that Donald Trump had supported it from the beginning, and Trump denied that. Proving that he’s on the payroll of the Clinton Crime Family Holt never mentioned that Clinton had voted in favor of the war in Iraq and then changed her mind when it was politically convenient.

Here’s Neil Cavuto fact checking the “fact checker.”

So in fact, Donald Trump thought the economy was a much bigger issue than anything that was going on in Iraq and would’ve counseled President George Bush to work on the economy and forget Iraq.

Obviously, Lester Holt will never be held to account for hammering Trump about a lie nor will he be asked why he never bothered to question Hillary about her support for going into Iraq.

But remember, Lester Holt is a Democratic operative with a byline. Nothing more, nothing less.


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