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When Even the LA Times Says You’re Crooked – You’re Crooked


The LA Times is reporting that a close aide to Bill Clinton arranged for $50 million in payments as a part of a complicated mingling of business deals and the charity work of the Clinton Foundation.

The LA Times report, imagine this, comes from ANOTHER Wikileaks revelation! Gotta love Julian Assange and Wikileaks!

It is just another in a HUUUUGE plethora of examples that prove without a shadow of a doubt that Bill and Hillary Clinton are as crooked as they come.

The LA Times reports:

“The report was written by Doug Band, who has transitioned from his job as a Clinton aide to a partner in Teneo Consulting, a firm whose client roster now includes some of the biggest companies in the world. Along the way, Band wrote, he also pushed his clients and contacts to donate millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, and to help win business deals for Bill Clinton.

Band wrote the memo in November 2011 to John Podesta, now chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign, and sent copies to other key Clinton aides, apparently to explain and justify his work in the face of criticism from others in the Clinton orbit — notably Chelsea Clinton.

In the memo, Band depicts himself as the indispensable linchpin of the Clinton family’s finances even as he acknowledges that the arrangement is unusual: “We appreciate the unorthodox nature of our roles,” Band wrote.”

It is amazing how the Clintons have avoided repercussions scandal after scandal. Their legacy has been severely tarnished. Will they always skate in this world? Maybe! But in the history books, long after they are both gone, another generation will judge them.

I believe they will be judged to be one of the most crooked couples in history. Bonnie and Clyde of the political world. They have robbed and murdered. Bill and Hillary have avoided justice time and again!

It is coming tho! Truth and Justice is the American way! Go LA Times!






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