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Just Who is That 14-year-old Bill Clinton is With? Richard Nixon’s Grandaughter? WTF?


Bill Clinton has had more affairs with women than most men will ever dream of. It has to be in the thousands. Of course, most of them he has probably lied about a few he’s even got caught lying about.

We all remember his intern named Monica Lewinsky, who Bill Clinton repeatedly lied about when he said: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky”.

The list of Bill’s women goes on and on.  We could continue for days just talking about the ACTUAL women he had affairs with AND Hillary Clinton intimidated.  But what if that woman was your granddaughter, how would you feel then?


Actually, Clinton is with Richard Nixon’s “granddaughter in-law.”

She really doesn’t look too happy about Clinton’s grip either. I really have to give Bill credit though, he did manage to look up long enough for the picture.

The young lady is Andrea Catsimatidis, and she is the heir to a $3.1 billion grocery fortune. She’s also married to Richard Nixon’s grandson Christopher Nixon Cox. Cox is the only son of Nixon’s daughter, Tricia.


That’s what the couple looked like in happier times. Last week Andrea filed for divorce in Manhattan Family Court. The divorce is uncontested so it should be resolved quickly; there’s no word on a financial settlement.

There’s also no word when Andrea will be meeting Bill Clinton again. I suspect he wants it to be sooner than later. For obvious reasons.


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