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Jury Throws FEDS The ULTIMATE “Screw You” With Verdict On Oregon Standoff Leaders!


Remember the Bundy brothers? All of America should. They were taken into custody after their standoff and loss of a friend and now they finally have a verdict on their case.


They were being charged with conspiring to impede federal workers from being able to do their jobs. Despite what we might want them to be, the truth is as far as that charge goes, they are in fact guilty. There is no way in saying otherwise.

That’s what makes this verdict so glorious.

The verdict I speak of is: NOT GUILTY

These well meaning men took over the national wildlife refuge, armed to the teeth, and denied entrance to anyone and everyone. However, they were still acquitted by the jury.

The jury of course wasn’t smoking bad weed, or careless, or stupid. They weren’t put through any series of brainwashing methods or had some kind of dark secret that was going to be exposed unless they gave the right answer.

Nope, they simply were Americans.

Americans that understood what was really going on here, and knew when it comes to our over reaching government it was time to put their foot down. Enough…is ENOUGH!

It just felt wrong. As most of us are, the jury too is convinced that corruption is not too far from the laws that seem immoral. This is why Ammon Bundy and his boys were set free. We, the people…are over the government dictating over things with zero purpose.

Most of those men got to walk straight out of the courtroom that day. Can you imagine that? Even their own lawyers were mind blown over the verdict, and like the accused VERY grateful it worked out the way it did.

“It’s stunning. It’s a stunning victory for the defense,” said Robert Salisbury, attorney for defendant Jeff Banta. “I’m speechless.”

The U.S Attorney in Oregon, Billy J. Williams, issued a statement defending the decision to bring charges against the seven defendants: “We strongly believe that this case needed to be brought before a Court, publicly tried, and decided by a jury.”

This is what happens when the American people see an out-of-control Washington bureaucracy: They ignore them. They ignore the law and decide for themselves that no, these people shall be set free.

While courts are reluctant to inform juries of their right to “nullify,” that’s exactly what they can do.

Effectively, the jury nullifies a law they believe is either immoral or wrongly applied to the defendant, and that’s what happened here.

And it bodes well for America. Jury nullification sends a messages to prosecutors and lawmakers about their priorities and about what they see as harassing or abusive prosecutions.

As far as I can tell. This is great news for us as Americans. An example to be seen and followed. Sometimes giving the government a gut check on the reality that it is “The people” who are in charge here…is the remedy for their stupidity.


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