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Jim Gaffigan: Encourages Liberals to ‘Listen’ to Trump Supporters. ‘They’re Not Morons…’


Jim Gaffigan is rarity in a world full narrow-minded Americans. One, he’s actually funny, and two, Gaffigan doesn’t think his sole job in life is to attack people with a different opinion than him.

And by people, we mean Trump supporters.

One side calls the other ‘crooked elitists’, and the other fires back with ‘uneducated racists’, only this exchange rarely happens in the same room. Democrats and Republicans vent their frustrations in separate homes, separates states, and symbolically in separate worlds. Comedian (and all-round great guy) Jim Gaffigan takes issue with this.

He lives in New York City, where the berating and shaming falls most heavily on Trump supporters, but he grew up in a small town in Indiana, a red state, so he has a valuable dual perspective.

He laments the absence of dialogue between Trump and Clinton supporters and – from his viewpoint within a blue state – there’s a blanket dismissiveness of the ideas from the so-called fly-over states. Many democrats, when they hear ‘Trump’ or ‘red state’ immediately think ‘moron’, and shut down any potential dialogue.

Dismissing people, or insulting their beliefs, isn’t how you convince someone that your argument is the valid one, says Gaffigan. Science journalist Michael Shermer seconds this motion, and has spoken to Big Think about how to talk to people whose beliefs oppose yours. Specifically when your position is based in science, reason, and critical thinking, and the other person’s is based in emotion.

You know it’s bad when a comedian is providing the most measured and rational insight in this election and not the politicians themselves.


Not everyone is a Trump lackey. He may have faults as do all politicians, but I certainly don’t hate him by any means and I think he’s a THOUSAND time’s better than choosing Hillary Clinton.

It’s important that we don’t begrudge or demean people for simply holding an opinion different from our own.

There’s a reason why Trump supporters are as passionate and angry as they are, and Jim Gaffigan understands that.


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