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Islamic Man stabs Infidel to death screams “Allahu akbar” Then avoids jail, Because… “mentally ill”


Would it matter to you if the Muslim who killed your family member was “mentally ill”?

Want to know why they think he is mentally ill? Because he “was not able to appreciate the wrongfulness of his actions.”

But simply because his actions aren’t wrong in Islam, he’s free to go murder again, you know religious freedom being important and all. If authorities bothered to check the Quran they would see that Islamic Jew-hatred is a prominent part of their religion. All they had to do was check their facts and this evil man would have received the punishment he deserved for viciously slaughtering an innocent person.

“Muslim who killed Uruguayan Jew to avoid jail,” JTA, October 14, 2016 (thanks to The “Religion of Peace”):

The Muslim man who murdered a Jewish merchant in Uruguay seven months ago cannot be held responsible for his crime by reason of insanity, a court in the South American country ruled.

The verdict reached over the weekend likely will send Carlos Peralta, a convert to Islam, to a psychiatric center rather than prison.

David Fremd, 55, was stabbed to death on March 8 near his store in the small town of Paysandu. He was an active member of the local Jewish community.

The judge stated, “must be in permanent treatment supervised by reliable third parties” for “suffering from chronic psychosis of schizophrenic type.” A preliminary mental health forensic assessment made the conclusion that Peralta “was not able to appreciate the wrongfulness of his actions.”…

Peralta repeatedly yelled “God is great” in Arabic while stabbing Fremd 10 times in the back, then, he later declared that he “followed Allah’s order.”

The prosecution had the nerve to say: “for the hatred he felt toward the ethnic and religious community represented by its victim.”

Maybe the judge needs to be checked into a mental facility as well as the supposedly mentally ill Muslim. Did they not understand the gravity of the situation?! A man’s life was taken, nothing they do can bring him back to ease the family’s pain, the least they could do is punish the Muslim who did this!

Apparently, insanity isn’t only a Muslim personality trait, it’s a liberal characteristic too. Who’s to say this man won’t go and do this again and again? Be careful, times are scary, and our protection is next to none.


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