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Islamic Family Moves In Next Door, Then Father Wakes To Daughter’s Screams And Bloody Halls


Would you be afraid if Islamists moved in next door to you? What would you do if this had happened to your family? Would you have even expected this carnage and terror to happen?

A sad father who lives with his wife and 12-year-old daughter explained that everything was quiet and peaceful in their small little town, that is until Syrian refugees moved in next door. This little family welcomed the newcomers graciously, but that didn’t matter,the Muslims had a sinister way of thanking their neighbors. Shortly after the terrorists moved into their apartment complex, the terrified father woke to a strange sound… his daughter’s screams and bloody halls.

It seems that ever since European countries have opened up their borders to Muslim refugees, horror stories continue to constantly emerge, as these third-world country savages continue to rape, murder, and pillage their new homes.

Yet, the liberal media continues to dumb down these horrifying incidents while continuing to push the idea that these “peaceful” people are being seamlessly integrated into western society. Unfortunately, for our corrupt politician’s friends, as distraught citizens continue to come forward sharing their experiences on social media, it’s getting harder and harder them to push their dangerous and politically correct narrative.

Along with their tight-knit community, the German dad generously welcomed Syrian Muslim refugees to the neighborhood, as no one had any prejudice or preconceived notions about their new neighbors. However, shortly after welcoming the Muslims into their apartment complex, it didn’t take long for the refugees to wreak havoc and begin terrorizing his young daughter, along with the two little girls who live next door.

“Our daughter as well as the two small daughters of our neighbors (ages 6 and 9) were sexually harassed, pushed against the wall of the stairway and kissed against their will, as well as touched inappropriately on their breasts and butt. Obviously we contacted the police and filed a report,” he said in a Facebook post.
Contacting the police had little effect to deter the depraved sexual appetites of their new Muslim neighbors, however, and shortly after the first incident, his daughter came running home distraught, as she recounted her second disturbing experience.

“My daughter came home from playing, horrified and told me that the [Muslims] did clear sexual gestures towards her. They smirked at her and ran their tongue between two fingers. We also reported this incident to the police. After the refugees received their second warning it was quiet again.”
The man was hopeful that things would finally return to normal, but unfortunately for him, things were about to get a whole lot worse. After enjoying momentary peace for 3 weeks, he explained that the apartment complex was then transformed into a drug and alcohol den, and during the late night hours, his Muslim neighbors would riot so violently that he would wake to bloody brawls and stabbings in the hallways and stairwells of the complex that they shared. Then, horrifically, one night, the Muslims brought their violence right to his front door.

“Last night they rioted again, kicked in my door, and the entire stairway was full of blood.” Fed up, the man grabbed his phone and recorded the aftermath, where he said his “understanding for these people has run dry.” In the father’s voice, you can hear that he’s visibly shaken from the bloody scene that he encountered after opening his front door.

It’s a very scary time to live in. Our own police can’t even protect us, there have been countless stories of Muslims getting arrested and then let go days later for a crime they should have spent years in jail paying for.

What’s going on in Europe is very disturbing, but what’s far more troubling is the fact that this will soon be our future if Hillary Clinton is elected.

She’s already promised to bring 1 million of these lovely people to America, it get’s worse, according to U.S. Census data, that number would actually be closer to 9.4 million if she pushes through the Gang of Eight-style immigration that she wants.Even more disheartening is that all of this would be done during her first term alone, launching us into the same chaos we see overtaking Europe. God help us.


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