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‘Islamapalooza,’ the grand Islam Fair Comes to University of Florida


People are so dumb. It is hard to fathom that we could even have this here it goes, some kids going to college are actually stupid enough to hold a murders, I mean, Islam Appreciation Month. It kicked off this week at the University of Florida, a campaign that runs through October 24.

According to the Islam on Campus Facebook page the group “is a student organization at the University of Florida devoted to strengthening and uniting the Muslim community on campus through service, activism, educational and social activities as well as to spreading awareness and educating Muslims and non-Muslims alike about the religion of Islam.”

The campus newspaper shows that the event is usually a spring gathering, but this year it’s being held in the fall, as a replacement to the Islam on Campus’s annual fundraiser. Why do they need a fundraiser? For more bombs and burkas?

Reporters state:

“UF’s Islam On Campus is hosting Islam Appreciation Month this fall in lieu of its annual fundraiser.

“The month-long celebration is starting with Islamapalooza, formerly named Islam Fair, on the Plaza of the Americas today from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., and it will continue Wednesday from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. The event will feature booths where students can get henna tattoos, play trivia about Islam and eat falafels, pita and samosas. …

“‘[Islamapalooza] highlights a lot of the cultural aspects of Islam while getting the community at UF excited with incentives like free henna and food,’ the 19-year-old UF psychology sophomore said.

“Maria Ilyas, 20, president of Islam On Campus, said the purpose of the event is to clear misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.

“‘We’re trying to bring an awareness and appreciation to who Muslims are and what Islam is really about,’ the UF microbiology senior said.”200-4

That’s nice.

They go on:

“Daniel Khokar, 18, who identifies as Muslim, said the event means a lot to him because it gives him a sense of belonging.

“‘It makes me grateful that I can be a part of this event and, furthermore, grow from it,’ the UF biology freshman said.”

Shouldn’t all religions then be given the same opportunity? Shouldn’t Jews be given a month to spread the word about Jewish teachings, Christians a month to teach – Buddhists, Sikhs and so forth and so on?

Christine Williams, writing for Jihad Watch, makes some good points about the appreciation month:

“It is right that every innocent Muslim, as well as any member of any group, should feel a sense of belonging, but a sense of entitlement is not the equivalent of a sense of belonging. There are Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Bahai students too; and there are also Jews on campuses who are treated with contempt and intimidation by jihadist Muslim groups operating right under the noses of university administrators. Shame on the University of Florida for this outright preferential treatment for Muslims over any other group.

Islamic Heritage Month was recently announced in Ontario, because they to want to make Muslims feel better, with the objective of combating “Islamophobia,” despite the fact that no stats bear out that “Islamophobia” is a significant problem. 200-2Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t Muslims the ones attacking Westerners,? Yet, despite this fact, the targeting of Muslims remains minimal, which demonstrates the extreme evolution of the West in terms of tolerance.

If most Muslims want to feel more included, then they should also collectively (and openly) condemn every form of jihad (stealth and violent), as well as anti-West hate messages. This is the same hate that is routinely being preached in mosques, Islamic centers, and madrassas right on Western soil.

Ummm, question, why is there no Christian appreciation month? Or is that asking too much? Because, good gosh, we lowly westerners definitely shouldn’t be allowed the same privileges as our terrorist brothers.


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