ISIS Leader Seriously Ill After Assasins Poison His Food!

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I can’t say we haven’t been wishing for this to happen right? I mean how hard is it for some scumbag informant to be paid a few thousands dollars to wipe out a few leaders? Seems simple enough.

There’s enough people certainly with enough hatred from all the insanity the ISIS leaders have caused across several countries. Sooner or later there had to be at least one person willing to risk his life to stop some of this insanity. The problem is, once one is killed another ISIS leader just rises in their place, especially since Obama keeps emptying Guantanamo, we’ve certainly given them enough to work with.


H/T Daily Mail:

ISIS ringleader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is reportedly seriously ill after having his food poisoned by an assassin.

Meals prepared for the ISIS leader and three other commanders of the terrorist organization were allegedly poisoned in the Be’aaj district, southwest of Nineveh.

A source told Iraqi news agency WAA the four are suffering from ‘severe poisoning’ and ‘have been transferred to an unknown location under strict measures.’

The terror group have reportedly launched a campaign of arrests to track down those responsible.

Baghdadi is credited with transforming the breakaway al-Qaeda group turning it into the independent ISIS group that is arguably the most powerful and wealthiest jihadist organization in the world.

Under his leadership, the group spearheaded a militant offensive that expanded into Syria in 2013 and which later overran much of Iraq’s Sunni Arab heartland.


In October 2011, the US officially designated Baghdadi as ‘terrorist’ and offered a $10million reward for information leading to his capture or death.

Under Baghdadi’s leadership ISIS thugs have shocked the world with their sadistic and savage murder of thousands of people in the Middle East and Europe.

He prefers to shun the spotlight for an aura of mystery that adds to his appeal, in direct contrast to the likes of Osama bin Laden, who regularly appeared in videos sprouting hate messages and was internationally known long before 9/11.

As well as the uncertainty surrounding his true identity, his whereabouts are also unclear.

News of his poisoning comes as Iraqi media claimed 16 jihadis – including senior ISIS leaders – were killed when a malfunction caused an explosive belt to explode.

It detonated during a high-level meeting in Hawija, between Mosul and Baghdad, it was reported.

Al-Sumaria Iraqi media outlet reported: ‘A number of the ISIS members were wearing explosive belts during the meeting, and the explosion took place due to a defect in one of them.

It’s nice to know someone out there is at least trying to kill these scumbags. We certainly know it’s not Obama. That’s the last thing he wants to do, especially since he is still working on getting at least close to a milion illegal immigrants/refugees into our country by the time he leaves office. He also still thinks of ISIS as a “JV team” and certainly doesn’t have the balls to take them on.

In addition, he’s still releasing some of these radical Islamic terrorists from Guantanamo, because he knows he’ll never get the approval of Congress to close it. He’d rather just keep emptying it, and then force Congress to close it. He doesn’t even think of these scumbags as terrorists.

That’s why we have to rely on other scumbags killing these radical Islamic terrorists and when things like this turn up in the news, just cheer on those that were involved. So to all those ISIS leaders, eat up! Enjoy!



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