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ISIS Delivers Starving Mother a Savory Meal … Then, Reveals What’s In It


They are only modeling the behavior passed down to them from generation to generation, and it all started with their Islamic prophet. The Islamic State is spreading cruelty, persecution, and Islamic terrorism throughout the Middle East in an effort to establish a unified Sharia nation. It’s disgusting, there have been stories of human slaughterhouses, organ harvesting, and sex slavery markets have made their way to the UN, all to fall on stubborn deaf ears.

These dangerous people are sprouting up EVERYWHERE. Since non-Muslim minorities are left utterly defenseless against the growing terrorist group, the most unspeakable atrocities are not only affecting the Christians and Yazidis but their children also.

The heartbreaking story of a young Yazidi woman is making its rounds on the internet, and it’s not because she was kidnapped by jihadists either. No, that would have been a less cruel fate for her. What happened to this woman is sickening. They starved the woman for days and when she decided she’d rather die than starve anymore she received a dish of gruesome generosity from her captors.

A Yazidi escapee pleaded with Vian Dakhil, a member of Iraqi Parliament, to share their account of a young mother who had endured the most nightmarish abuse conceivable.

Dakhil told Politico that ISIS fighters had starved a woman for several days before inviting her to a lavish meal of rice and meat. Having separated her from her sons, ages 3 and 5, the desperate woman thought that her kidnappers may have had a change of heart — but that was far from their plans.

“One of the mothers calls me … she said ‘for two days the ISIS doesn’t give me any food’ and they separated her children. One of them is 3 years and another is 5 years, after two days they give her rice with meat. After she’s eating, they tell her this is your boy — 3 years,” Dakhil said.

“She tells me please, I can’t, I don’t know what can I do — I’m eating my son. This is what happened with those woman under ISIS control and nobody cares.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t just a morbid tale that some random person thought up. This story matches with that of another woman who went through the same ordeal. An elderly Kurdish woman courageously traveled to see ISIS militants and then demanded to see her kidnapped son. Reporters say that the Muslim jihadists offered her a three-course meal, before delivering the sinister news.

“They brought her cups of tea and fed her a meal of cooked meat, rice, and soup,” Abdulla stated. “She thought they were kind.”
When she finished her food and asked to see her son, Abdulla said they laughed at her and said, “You’ve just eaten him.”

Then we have our evil presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, who wants you to “understand” and try to “empathize with” ISIS. How can anyone possibly empathize with such evil???


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