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Iraqi Military on the Offensive to Destroy ISIS – Will Obama Help?


The Iraqi army and coalition forces have begun the fight to liberate Mosul from ISIS control. There are an estimated 5,000 Muslim terrorists in Mosul who are affiliated with ISIS and the Iraqis hope to put an end to them.

It looks like the fighting will be fierce because ISIS is also occupied small villages around Mosul and the coalition forces will have to fight through them one at a time to get to Mosul.

In addition to the Iraqi army there are groups of mostly Shiite paramilitary forces that even include some Sunnis, as well as Christians and other ethnic and religious groups. The fighting began on Monday when ISIS tunnels and trenches to the south of Mosul were targeted with thermobaric missiles.

In addition to the Iraqis, Kurdish fighters launched a coordinated operation east of Mosul. They’re coordinating with the Iraqi security forces and the Kurds have as many as 4,000 fighters working to clear occupied villages of ISIS terrorists.

Winning back Mosul is a must for the Iraqi government. Among other things they need to boost their credibility as a military force and Mosul is critical in the supply chain that delivers both terrorists and weapons from Syria and Turkey to ISIS in Iraq.

The U.S. is reportedly playing a supporting role in this battle through airstrikes and military advisors. Brett McGurk, a special presidential envoy to the coalition said the operation was aimed at ending “two years of darkness under terrorists.”

There’s not been any word from the White House reprimanding McGurk for referring to the Muslim “fighters” who make up ISIS as “terrorists.”

The question in Iraq is, “Will Barack Obama really helped get Mosul back, or will he run and hide again?” It’s an open question because when Barack Obama came into office in 2009 Mosul was a city that U.S. soldiers and Marines had liberated. Obama’s unwillingness to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement with the Iraqis left the field open for ISIS to grow and take Mosul, among other cities that were freed with the blood of American soldiers and Marines.

What will Obama do?


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