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Iraqi Grandma Cooks “Special” Dinner For ISIS Fighters


A machete-wielding housewife is making quite a name for herself with the savage retribution she’s delivering to ISIS militants unfortunate enough to cross her path. After losing 2 husbands, 3 brothers, and her father to the butchering terrorists, Wahida Mohamed hatched a merciless plot to get revenge while showing the world that not all females in the Middle East are helpless victims.

In response, to her families deaths, she said she would behead her enemies, cooked their heads and burned their bodies.

Graphic images on her Facebook page show what appear to be two heads in a cooking pot, as well as images of headless bodies, which have seemingly been burned.

Photos also show her tearfully crouched over a dead man, thought to be her second husband who was killed earlier this year.

Last week she told newspaper Al Sabah that she has killed 18 terrorists herself, and added: ‘We are fighting like a family’.

Al-Jumaily, better known as Um Hanadi, heads 70-strong tribal militia group in Shirqat, around 50 miles south of Mosul.

She has helped government forces drive ISIS away, and says she is now top of the group’s hit list, having survived six assassination attempts and received threats from top leaders.

Last week she led a group of 50 fighters into the Shirqat city centre and seized control from ISIS terrorists, Iraqi media reports.

Video shows her commanding units ahead of operations aimed to strike at the heart of ISIS.

What an incredible woman. While many females are being kidnapped and turned into sex slaves or mercilessly killed by ISIS, this woman is not only fighting back but making ISIS fighters crap their pants at the mere sight of her. Better not cross this woman or you’ll end up on the dinner plate!


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