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Husband Helps WIFE PIMP Herself Out To Pay Bills- Finds Her Body In Forest Stabbed 29 Times


This pathetic excuse for a husband, Justin Adams, spoke in court on Monday on how he served as his pregnant prostitute wife’s ‘pimp’ before she was murdered while out on ‘the job’. Back in 2011, Jaymie Adams went missing after she left to meet a client in the evening. She was later discovered in a wooded area near Oklahoma city. Dead. With 29 stab wounds all around her body.


The police arrested Richard Cyr at the time for the murder. Richard was the ‘client’ that Jaymie was going to meet that night.


The couple were married in 2011 for only three months before Jaymie came up with the ‘bright idea’ to pimp herself out for some extra cash. Justin went along with it, and before they knew it, their first Craiglsit ad promoting their smutty side business was posted.

One sick post that Justin composed himself in 2011 read:

‘I am letting any willing man come and have his way with my wife with a little compensation for us to help with our holiday funding we need. So if this sounds hot and fun to you then just email me. We have a hotel for the night and can host for anyone.’


Justin now say’s essentially that he sees the errors of his enabling ways…thought we all see the damage is done. He had said that the prostitution was a way to quick cash which they both felt they needed. Not even Jaymie being 2 months pregnant at the time she was murdered was enough to get them to stop, though Jaymie had mentioned the desire.

Justin’s words of justification:

‘We had no other choice. It was something we fell into to pay bills. Neither one of us really enjoyed what she was doing..It was demeaning towards her. The money was great but it wasn’t worth what it was doing to us…I feel like if I would have done everything different, if I wouldn’t have agreed to it… then she would still be here.’

Not other choice, eh? The most pathetic excuse for shrugging off personal responsibility…


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