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Video Surfaces HUMILIATING CNN’s Anderson Cooper: Turnabout is Fair Play!


During last week’s town hall-style presidential debate, moderator Anderson Cooper accused Donald Trump of sexual assault for comments he made about women 11-years-ago.

And he wouldn’t stop…

Watch Cooper get on his high horse and accuse Trump of abusing women below…

Now, a video has surfaced which paints Cooper as the hypocrite he truly is.

Watch as he takes the stage during a Madonna concert, only to behave in a manner totally inappropriate for a CNN anchor:

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Branded by many as the “golden boy of CNN”, Anderson Hays Cooper has graced screens of millions of viewers every weekday since the start of his eponymous program, Anderson Cooper 360°, in 2003. He is a facsimile of the uprising breed of journalists who are redefining the profession in their various ways. Among the changes by Anderson that have elicited a positive nod from viewers are his unhidden emotions when presenting heart-breaking stories, and the fact that he became an anchor without ever sitting in a journalism class. Add this to the fact that the man is openly gay and doesn’t hesitate to talk about it.

Why…just why…do we put up with this every election season. INSANITY! The game is always stacked against us! The moderators are always liberal and always stack the deck!

It should not even be news personalities moderating!

And while we’re talking about it, how dare Anderson Cooper get on his high horse about “rich” people? Cooper grew up in a family full of money – he was a Vanderbilt before changing his pedigreed name to the much more blue-collar sounding; “Cooper” –

His mother, Gloria Vanderbilt was an heiress to the designing empire and Anderson descended from a very wealthy family. His dad died from heart complications when he was young and his older brother jumped from a fourteenth-floor penthouse in New York. His suicide was apparently motivated by acute psychosis after developing allergy to salbutamol.

I guess this qualifies you to sit in judgement of the rest of us, including Donald Trump – even though Cooper, whose net worth is $100 million, earns $11 million as salary from CNN plus an undisclosed amount from CBS.

Just a regular Joe.. saphine.


Cooper’s current squeeze is Benjamin Maisani, both coming out officially in 2011. Who cares, right? Not me – until he begins asking about innapropriate behavior and money – both of which he indulges in and has his whole life. Quite a scam, pretending you aren’t a flaming liberal – but par for the course:

Remember Candy Crowley and Barack Obama cheating? Remember Mitt Romney just letting it happen? No wonder we lose elections. I thought Reince Priebus was going to fix this! He said he would! I thought Donald Trump said he would do something?

When are the candidates going to say no! Why didn’t Trump refuse to do any debates util this was fixed? Complaining about it on stage does not good! No debate, no money! Make them conform!

I am sure after this election we will hear all the same pablum! We have to fix it! We have to fix it!

Then in 2020, we will be asking the same question: Why didn’t we fix it?

Einsteins definition of…you got it: INSANITY!!!!!!

I just really do not understand! is everyone on drugs? This should be easy! You cannot tell me that the powers that be in the Republican party cannot fix this ongoing insanity!

I guess we just keep losing! I guess we just keep being made out to be fools! I guess we just hand the hole country over to socialists!

Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!   Insanity!!!




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