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Huma Abedin Caught on Camera in Her Own Words: “Make America Islamist State” [Video]


We all know Clinton’s right-hand aide, Huma Abedin is pro-Muslim. She was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, and her entire family – both parents, brother and sister – all worked for Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs which was created by the Muslim World League to spread Wahhabism.  In fact, the “Abedin family business” was located in the London office of the Muslim World League.

If you want to know where Hillary Clinton really stands on immigration you should just ask Huma Abedin.  She would tell you that Clinton’s policy is essentially to just let all Syrians into our country. Just let them all pour into America, fake passports and all. The more the merrier. That’s really the Clinton policy on immigration. Afterall, more immigrants mean more votes for Democrats and Hillary Clinton, and more people dependent on BIG government –  just one of Alinsky’s rules for radicals.

That’s right folks!

Huma Abedin states: “we can not turn these people away!”

The Obama administration and Clinton of course, do not believe in letting Christian refugees into our country, but hey, Syrian Muslim refugees – come one come all!

When the reporter states to Huma Abedin: “Islamaphobia is rampant…”

Huma Abedin replies: “Absolutely”…”Oh and by the way, it is not just the Republicans, there are some Democrats who are scared too! We need to have leadership on this. it is not,…we can not turn these people away.”

The reporter then states: “I think the Syrian people know that Hillary is the answer for them too….”

Huma Abedin replies: “I’m telling you the alternative…we’re going to be an isolationist country…turning everybody away. It is not okay

Really!? Seriously? I think most Americans don’t have a problem accepting refugees as long as they are VETTED PROPERLY! And, why don’t you let in more Christians while you’re at it or would that be asking for too much?

Yes, of course the Syrians like Clinton, because she has an “open  borders” policy AND does NOT support voter ID laws.


When the reporter asks the Syrians if they had Hillary Clinton, the Syrians reply: “No. We don’t hate Hillary Clinton.”

Of course NOT!

More refugees like these are JUST what the Democrats want. The more refugees they let in, the more votes they get. Afterall, there are enough states that don’t require ID’s to vote. It’s just one big shell game for Democrats.

Create sanctuary cities in states where they need more votes for Democrats. Flood those sanctuary cities with refugees and “Voila” – more votes for Democrats. And if they can’t get enough refugees in, well, they have options. They can bus around people from poll site to poll site, rig the voting machines or hide the ballots until after the election.

You really didn’t think Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin cared about principles and ethics of voting did you? I mean come on! Look at what they did to steal the votes from Bernie Sanders!

Clinton and Democrats don’t care that Syrian refugees will turn our country into a country like Germany with increased rates of violence, crime, rapes and terrorist attacks. For Democrats what do they care – they are only interested in the votes and staying in power.

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