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Hot-mic Catches Jim Nantz Disgusted by NFL Players’ Protests: Will He Be Fired?


Jim Nantz is the CBS play-by-play announcer for the NFL and he got caught with a hot mic before the Miami Dolphins September 29 game against the Cincinnati Bengals. There was apparently a discussion about player protests during the national anthem.

I suspect Nantz didn’t want that comment out over the air.

“They’re going to keep kneeling as long as we put cameras right in their face.” He was obviously referring to the dolphin players who knelt during the national anthem in solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter thugs.

Given that the NFL has turned into an organization that supports Social Justice Warriors I’m surprised Nantz is still employed. After all, the NFL refused to allow the Dallas Cowboys to put a sticker on their helmet supporting their local police and they reportedly were ready to fine players for wearing non-regulation shoes in tribute to 9/11.

The NFL has long been referred to as the “National Felons League” because of the players’ inability to avoid getting arrested. It looks like their affiliation with folks like #BlackLivesMatter is raising the ante and through last week NFL viewership is down about 15% and the networks are having to provide free advertising for their advertisers.

The big question right now is whether the NFL will follow in the footsteps of ESPN and start firing their announcers who don’t hold the right political views? If I Jim Nantz I’d be polishing up my resume right now.


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