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Homeless Trump Supporter Guards To Protect Trump’s Hollywood Star- Fuming Liberals Bully Her


It is no surprise to hear about Liberals bullying someone that thinks differently from them. However, as Libs have proved in the past, they are always willing to reach new LOWS. This would be one of those times.


Yesterday a crazy liberal marched himself down to Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star and posted up as a city worker while he full on demolished Trump’s star armed with a pickaxe and a whole lot of “stupid”.

I mean, the guy literally went down right in the middle of morning commute traffic, and started to demolish the star for everyone to see. Exactly how far did he think he was going to get before he got yanked by Police. He actually managed to do a whole lot of damage…but, FOR WHAT!? It does nothing for his cause, and offers no solution to anything EXCEPT a good story and some jail time or HUGE fines. Idiot.

Now, with Donald Trump’s hollywood star in less than photo ready status, it’s awaiting it’s makeover.

Today it got another visitor, but this time it wasn’t a ‘crazy’ it was a black homeless woman who has taken it upon herself to stand as a Sentry at Trump’s Hollywood star to guard it from other looney libs.

However, as mentioned earlier, Libs have responded by hitting an all time low. They are surrounding this poor woman and taking their time to BULLY her..because she doesn’t see eye to eye with what THEY believe.

…and their feelings are hurt.

Selfish a-holes. This woman is there sharing her beliefs that she has come to through hard times she has seen and they dare to challenge her intelligence because her reality is not co-aligned with what THEY believe is acceptable!?


Here, take a gander for yourself…I’m sure you’ll find yourself wanting to reach into your screen and slap some sense into a few Liberals.

What do you think?

She did, thank goodness have some support…

Here’s some video taken that captures one of the asshats that was breathing down her neck with all the fiery rage of… a looney lib.

Not much gets a rise out of me anymore when it comes to the ridiculousness of liberals, however in this instance it’s frustrating. This woman is obviously having some tough times, and felt enough passion inside herself about something that made her take action. What harm is she doing by posting up at Trump’s star and holding up a few signs sharing what she knows through what she’s been through? NONE! There is NO HARM in it…

That’s a far cry from the violence that has been condoned under Democratic rule…and passed as “protesting” or using their “First Amendment” right. Yet here they are acting like the fools they are…looking down on someone who is already down and out, judging her, and offering her no assistance while she lies on the ground. They only…further degrade her, insult her and pass judgement.

Who cares? There is another human ON THE GROUND. Assist!

Where’s Black Lives Matter now that the Black life being harrassed is a Trump supporter? I don’t see them, but I do see the Police assisting her.


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