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Hollywood Destroys Roseanne Barr for Crossing Hillary! [VIDEO]


Roseanne Barr got fired from her talk show in 1998 because she was honest and called out Bill Clinton on his crap!

Barr decided to have Paula Jones on as her guest on her own show, Roseanne. The show was a major success but she found out what happens when you cross the Clintons!

Proud of Roseanne for being consistent and intellectually honest! She not only crawls all over the Clintons, she hits hard on liberal women’s groups as well!

Watch the video:

Roseanne recently broke her silence and threw the Clintons under the bus!

10 days after her 1998 settlement in the case against Bill Clinton, Paula Jones appeared on Roseanne’s talk show to tell all the dirty details about her encounters with Clinton, discuss her involvement with Monica Lewinsky’s case, and to answer questions posed by both the sitcom star and audience members.

Then “POOF”! The Roseanne show just disappeared even though it was highly successful at the time!

Of course, many that have crossed the Clintons have ended up dead so I guess Roseanne is lucky!

Now Hillary is all aghast at Donald Trump and his dalliances! I am too but I am consistent!

For Hillary to feign outrage at Donald Trump after the way they have treated a LONG list of women is as hypocritical as you get!

Just to name a few of the women:

Juanita Broaddrick | Kathleen Willey | Paula Jones | Sandra Allen James | Eileen Wellstone | Christy Zercher | Carolyn Moffet | Helen Dowdy | Becky Brown | Regina Blakely Hopper | Monica Lewinsky | Elizabeth Ward Gracen | Gennifer Flowers | Connie Hamzy | Dolly Kyle Browning | Sally Miller (Sally Perdue) | Lencola Sullivan

When will the Clintons finally get their due?

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