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Hispanic Immigrant and Trump Supporter Drops Truthbomb on Democrats: [MUST SEE/SHARE VIDEO]


Media outlet 100% Fed Up attended a Donald Trump rally and interviewed a legal Hispanic immigrant who had voted for Obama in the past but is now planning to vote Republican.

What he says will infuriate liberals! They only create hate and division!

“It’s terrible, liberals have been doing this for a long time. I voted for Obama and I was brainwashed,” the Hispanic man said to the interviewer. “I can tell you everything they do is just to indoctrinate people.”

Watch the video:

100% Fed Up attended the Trump rally in West Palm Beach, FL on October 13, 2016. It was the most diverse crowd of fed up Americans that we’ve ever seen supporting a Republican candidate.

Trump’s message of jobs and prosperity for ALL Americans is resonating with everyone. This legal Hispanic immigrant from Panama (who previously voted for Obama) tell why he is supporting Trump, and how he has been treated by racist Hillary supporters who are guilty of “profiling” minority Americans.

“We are so sick and tired of Democrats and liberals trying to twist everything that Trump does on his supporters,” the man said.

“Liberals are desperate because they know they are going to lose; and at this point I’m so sick and tired of them,” he added.

“Democrats need to stop profiling people. They need to stop doing that — it’s terrible. The only thing they create is division and hate,” he said.

“I’m not here to change anything, I want the United States to be the way it used to be: the national anthem, the Constitution — all that we have to respect,” the man said.

Hispanic and other minorities are catching on that the left and the Democrats have been scamming them. The never follow through, only work to enslave them through government dependency, and only do what it takes to keep the votes coming.

It has been going on for decades but maybe…finally…the gig is up!


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