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Hillary’s Biggest Lie Yet: The Clinton Foundation and Haiti


Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar! Period! Everyone that surrounds Hillary defends her and her lies. She has lied to the FBI about her emails and private server, she lied about not sending or receiving classified emails, and she even lied to the parents of the soldiers killed in Benghazi. She also has lied about the Clinton Foundation and her “pay-to-play” scandals.The list just goes on and on.

At Wednesday night’s presidential debate, Donald Trump brought up Haiti and the Clinton Foundation scandal. Clinton lied to the Haitians too! As with most disasters, Hillary followed the advice of her mentor George Soros, when there’s a disaster – capitalize on it – for yourself and your friends. Everybody wins, except those affected by the real disaster, but Hillary could care less about the “little people” of Haiti.

Friends of the Clinton campaign got rich off the disaster, and Haiti never really recovered in any meaningful sense. Dinesh D’Souza’s Hillary’s America had a nice wrap up of the controversy:


When Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, one of the biggest disasters ever to happen took place in Haiti. An earthquake of 7.0 magnitude hit Haiti in January of 2010 killing between 250,000 – 300,000 people and displacing another 2 million people. Then the Clinton disaster happened.

Not only did Hillary appoint Bill Clinton as United Nations Special Envoy to oversee the rebuilding of Haiti with the IHRC (Interim Haiti Relief Commission), she made sure friends who donated to the Clinton Foundation were well “taken care of”. The USAID provided $10-$13 billion for relief projects, but not much of it actually went to benefit the”real people” of Haiti, thanks to the Clintons. The Haitians were however affected by all the bad decisions the Clintons and the IHRC made. It was truly a case of crony capitalism gone amuck!

There was an organization who was suppose to build 15,000 homes for $53 million. They built about 2600 homes for over $90 million. There was also the city of Zaranje where $2.4 million in prototype homes were built but there was no water, no plumbing and no electricity provided. Oh, but there was about $93 million spent on homes for the contractors and suppliers to build nice townhomes with pools. Did I mention the $18 million that was spent on a soccer field?


Then there was Denis O’Brien who donated $5-$10 million to the Clinton Foundation to provide a mobile phone service, and after getting awarded the contract for Haiti paid Bill Clinton over $225,000 for a speech.

In addition, there was VCS Mining and Hillary’s brother, Tony Rodham, who was awarded a gold mining contract, even though Haiti hadn’t awarded a permit for mining gold in over 50 years. Go figure.

Did I mention the town that was 7 hours to the north, Caracol, where there was no one affected by the earthquake, but a $2.3 million police department was built along with a $260 million industrial park. And let’s not forget a couple million for a cultural center nearby. But toilets, running water or homes for those Haitians displaced….Nope! Nothing.


In other words, the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation donors made off rather handsomely, but the Haitians, many are still living in tent towns and temporary housing with no running water, or toilets or electricity after 5 years and billions of dollars wasted by the Clintons. Or should I say billions of dollars made by the Clinton Foundation?

One thing that did happen thanks to the Clintons. there was a major outbreak of Cholera that happened in Haiti due to the unsanitary conditions. Thanks to the relief workers that basically dumped on the Haitians. Seems Clinton likes to dump on “the little people”….like she dumped on Americans Gwinnett County.





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