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Hillary Refuses Obama’s Request For Secret Medical Check-Up!


Hillary’s health concerns are not new. Author Ed Klein has been writing about them for a couple of years at least in his books – “Blood Feud and Unlikeable” and the soon to be released “Guilty as Sin”. Hillary’s health is a major concern when it comes to voters and the election of the next president and she knows it!

She can continue to deny her failing health and the liberal media can continue to cover it up or make it a non-story, but the fact is even Obama was so concerned about her health he wanted to sign her up for check-ups at Walter Reed. Since Hillary didnt’ want to take a chance of having anything “truthful” said about her health, she refused the check-ups.  Let’s face it, when it comes to money and power…Hillary will lie about anything to get it.


H/T Daily Mail:

President Obama is so concerned about Hillary Clinton’s health that he recently offered to arrange a secret medical checkup for her at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Hillary declined the offer because she feared the media would find out about her Walter Reed visit and learn the truth about her medical condition—that she is suffering from arrhythmia (an abnormal heart beat), a leaking heart valve, chronic low blood pressure, insufficient blood flow, a tendency to form life-threatening blood clots, and troubling side effects from her medications.

Hillary has arranged her own secret medical visits to the New York-Presbyterian Hospital, where she arrives through a private entrance out of public sight and where she can rely on her doctors’ discretion not to speak to the media.

Her doctors have prescribed Coumadin (a blood thinner) and a beta blocker to treat her arrhythmia and heart-valve problem. However, these medications have the side effects of making her drowsy and tired, and lowering her blood pressure, leading to frequent bouts of light-headedness and fainting spells.


Hillary’s health has been a cover up just like everything else from Benghazi to her emails to her “pay-to-play” Clinton Foundation. Ed Klein,

Here’s an excerpt from Klein’s new book coming out on Tuesday “Guilty As Sin”:

Chapter 25: Fit to Lead?

The greatest fear among senior members of Hillary’s staff was that if the ‘Comey primary’ (shorthand for the FBI email investigation) didn’t get her, her health would.

But no one in her campaign dared discuss the question of whether Hillary was medically fit to be commander in chief. Speaking about her health was the ultimate taboo.

Conveniently (at least for Hillary), the liberal mainstream media cooperated and chose to ignore the topic—even when a photo of Hillary, taken in February 2016, surfaced during the campaign showing her being assisted by two men as she stumbled up a short flight of stairs.


On the other hand, when Donald Trump, his surrogates, or conservative commentators like Sean Hannity raised the subject of Hillary’s health, they were vilified and accused of trafficking in unsubstantiated rumors. Journalists were treated even worse; those who dared explore Hillary’s health issues were accused of being dishonest, dishonorable, and discredited.

As a result, the public was left in the dark about Hillary’s fitness to lead.

For years, Hillary had kept her medical history secret out of fear that, if it became public, it would knock her out of contention for the White House. But in December 2012, she suffered a medical emergency that couldn’t be hidden from the public. Just before she was scheduled to testify on Benghazi in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, she fainted in her seventh-floor office at the State Department.

It wasn’t the first time that had happened. She had a fainting spell in 2005 during an appearance before a women’s group in Buffalo, and another fainting spell in 2009 while boarding her plane in Yemen, where she fell and fractured an elbow.

In this latest incident at Foggy Bottom, she hit her head and suffered a concussion. She was treated at the State Department’s infirmary and sent home to Whitehaven to recover.

When Bill appeared on the scene, however, he demanded that she be flown immediately to the New York-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan. There, doctors discovered that Hillary had a right transverse venous thrombosis, or blood clot, between her brain and skull. She had developed the clot in one of the veins that drains blood from the brain to the heart.

On further examination, it turned out that Hillary had an intrinsic tendency to form clots and faint. Several years earlier, she had developed a clot in her leg and was put on anticoagulant therapy by her doctor. However, she had stopped taking her anticoagulant medication, which might have explained the most recent thrombotic event.

According to a source close to Hillary, a thorough examination revealed that Hillary’s tendency to form clots was just one of her medical problems. She also suffered from a thyroid condition, which was common among women of her age, and had an undiagnosed heart problem, which probably contributed to the cause of her fainting spells. A cardiac stress test indicated that her heart rhythm and heart valves were not normal.

At the time, I tried to contact the Clintons’ cardiologist, Dr. Allan Schwartz. He refused to take my call. However, I learned through other channels that Hillary’s doctors considered performing valve-replacement surgery. They ultimately decided against it for reasons that were never made clear, although some sources speculated that Hillary did not want to risk the negative political fallout from stories about such a serious operation.

Read more here.

The bottomline is the Americans have been fed a bunch of crock when it comes to Hillary’s health and everyone has reported on the lies, except for Ed Klein. To say that Hillary is in great shape, exercises every day and eats a clean diet…that would be like saying I’m ready to compete for Ms. Olympia.

The public knows Clinton is NOT telling the truth when it comes to her health, just like they know she didn’t tell the truth about her emails and she didn’t tell the truth about Benghazi.

According to Hillary’s close friends that were interviewed by Ed Klein for his book, Hillary drinks on a daily basis, has no interest in yoga, doesn’t use a personal trainer, and gets her “exercise” when she takes a stroll.

The office of the presidency requires a strong and healthy mind, along with a physically fit body. This is a stressful job even for healthy individuals. How is Hillary going to handle the stress if she can’t even handle simple things like a week on the campaign trail or 18-hour campaign days?

Hillary, her staff and the MSM have to lie about her health, because let’s face it, if she told the truth…well that would be a first…and people couldn’t handle it. But most of all, Hillary knows if the truth gets out before the election, she will NOT win. It will destroy her presidency and everything she has lied about or covered up….would have been for nothing.  She’s not willing to do that! She’s willing to risk it all…for the presidency…including her health, because money and power are that important to her.

I hope you will read Ed Klein’s new book due out on October 4th – “Guilty as Sin”. The book focuses mainly on the email server set up in Hillary’s home in Chappaqua, New York. Thebook also is about the real story behind the email scandals and the dirty games that have kept Hillary one step ahead of the law.




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