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Hillary Holds a Rally At Ohio State; It Goes HORRIBLY Wrong…HAH, Take That You Wench!


Why couldn’t Hillary just mind her own business? When everything blew up over Donald Trumps little potty mouth video, of course, Hillary had to have her hand at casting a stone in his direction too. Unfortunately for her, there were about ten more thrown right back at her.

You know, since her husband was (is?) a serial philanderer with several non-consensual sexual encounters under his belt…literally.

She couldn’t help but chime in, which infuriated a lot of people who then just who decided to patronize Trump. To further her embarrassment, it was made even clearer during her rally in Ohio when a group of protesters showed up just to remind her of her husband’s past (and illegal) indiscretions.

While colleges and Universities are the epicenters of liberal indoctrination, there are some students who have managed to keep a shred of sanity, like Trey Odell, who refuses to vote for Hillary Clinton simply because she’s a woman.


Wherever there are controversial politicians, there are sure to be protesters. Hillary is one professional politician that people just love to hate, and the truth is that she just makes it so easy.

Protesters at the OSU rally gathered and carried “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” signs, wore “Hillary For Prison” shirts and waved a flag saying “Come And Take It.”

They began a rousing chant of “Bill Clinton Is A Rapist,” which you can see below.

This comes after Breitbart interviewed Bill Clinton rape victim Juanita Broaddrick in a heart-wrenching video that will leave you hot under the collar.

Broaddrick cries as she recounts the horrifying night when Clinton violated her in the worst way imaginable. At one point during the interview, another Clinton victim Kathleen Willey went to comfort a sobbing Broaddrick.

Did she think that just because she wasn’t actually physically raping the woman that she was in the clear? Keep telling yourself that Hillary, suuure, you didn’t do anything wrong, wink wink.

One problem with that theory, she set out to destroy these women after finding out that her husband was sexually involved with them. Then she has the nerve to feign outrage at what Trump said?

The nation needs a little reminding that Mr. Clinton has a zipper problem, and it has ruined lives, all thanks to his “loving” wife.


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