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Hillary Clinton is VERY Worried THIS May Have Gotten Out!


George Santayana once said “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” In other words – history repeats itself. It’s just amazing that the same person that was fired from the House Judicial Committee during Nixon’s Watergate scandal is the same individual caught in the Emailgate scandal. Coincidence or not? I think not. Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar and criminal. The fact is, her history has repeated this – over and over again.

During the Watergate scandal back in the 70’s, Hillary Clinton was a young staffer who created a fraudulent legal brief. She also consulted with Ted Kennedy’s political strategist at the time. Both unethical practices. Nixon hid 18 minutes of tapes. Clinton destroyed over 30,000 emails. Nixon was impeached and resigned. Clinton is cheered on by Democrats as their next nominee for president. The results are different, but only because the Department of Justice – isn’t what it used to be. The United States has lost it’s moral compass, we can no longer count on the Department of Justice or the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


H/T Conservative Tribune:

In a new book, famous political insider Ed Klein alleges that details of Comey’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s personal email server were delivered to the Oval Office in a briefcase by Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

In an excerpt of “Guilty As Sin,” published on Newsmax, Klein says that Comey realized his investigation was being undermined when he saw White House press secretary Josh Earnest indicate during a news conference that the administration had details of the FBI’s investigation:

“It was Jan. 29, 2016, and an aide had just handed Comey a printout of today’s White House press conference by Josh Earnest, the president’s spokesman.

“There, marked for Comey’s attention, was Earnest’s response to a reporter who had asked whether Hillary Clinton was likely to be indicted as a result of the FBI’s investigation into her personal emails.

“‘Based on what we know from the Department of Justice,’ Earnest said, ‘it does not seem to be headed in that direction.’

“Based on what we know!

“‘How does Earnest know anything?’ Comey asked.”

Enter Loretta Lynch, who acted as Hillary Clinton’s guardian angel.

“Uniformed FBI agents on Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s protective detail had informed Comey that Lynch had locked an armful of documents on the FBI investigation into her briefcase and delivered them to the White House.”

“More than once, Lynch had brought along a Justice Department prosecutor who was working on the Hillary case to brief the president’s staff.

“These briefings between Lynch and the White House (which Lynch publicly denied because they were unethical) had been going on since Comey’s investigation began in the summer of 2015. Comey was aware, of course, that his criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton was inevitably linked with the highest possible stakes in American politics.”

“If his agents turned up evidence of criminal wrongdoing on Hillary’s part, it would ignite the greatest political firestorm since Watergate. And more likely than not, that would derail Hillary’s candidacy for the White House.”


Like I said, it’s interesting as history repeats itself. With Watergate, Hillary Clinton was unethical and fired; Nixon was impeached and resigned. With Emailgate, Hillary Clinton erased 30,000 emails and was once again was found to be totally unethical.  But this time, things would be different.

First, Attorney General Loretta Lynch was intimidated by Bill Clinton, as she allowed him to board her plane on a runway in Phoenix. AG Lynch gave immunity to 5 Clinton staffers and gave permission for them to destroy computers – otherwise, who knows what may have happened. Clinton may have been held for “obstruction of justice” or “tampering with evidence”, but she certainly wouldn’t have “skated”. AG Lynch even removed FBI documents and kept the president informed of Clinton’s legal process.

Second, FBI Director Comey was discredited the minute Bill Clinton stepped on AG Lynch’s plane. Director Comey said Clinton was “extremely careless of handling sensitive and highly classified documents”. Comey let Crooked Hillary Clinton off the hook. He gave up his integrity for an opportunity to serve Clinton in the near future, should she be elected as the next president. Comey couldn’t bring Clinton down, because HE knew, if he brought HER down, he would ALSO have to bring Obama and his record down with her along with her election.

The deck was stacked against Comey, if only he had a moral compass and integrity to uphold the office of the FBI. Most likely he valued his life more. Afterall, look what happened to Seth Rich, or for that matter anyone else who has gone against the corrupt political force of the Clintons.  The slate just continues to get wiped clean.


Finally, like Watergate, the crime was similar. Even journalist, Bob Woodward, part of the reporting team of Watergate, would have done a better job investigating Clinton’s wrongdoings. How do you destroy 13 Blackberries, an iphone, and ipads, and lose a laptop in the mail? How are there NO copies of ANY emails from ANYBODY? Seriously?

In the end, Crooked Hillary maintains, she  takes “classification seriously”. She also had her concussion to use as a wonderful excuse during her investigation and interrogation – she “couldn’t recall” most of what happened. I think that would be called “selective amnesia”. Of course, it would have helped had the FBI recorded the meeting with her AND asked her to take an oath for telling the truth. Neither of which happened.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said “if you aren’t proficient about security – you are a failure”.

Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar and criminal, but it doesn’t matter to her voters, because like most of America, they too have lost their moral compass.




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