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A Hidden Message On All In-N-Out Burger Wrappers Caused Major Outrage!


The popular chain, In-N-Out Burger, originated in California, and it’s practically an American institution. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have one of the fast-food chains meals or ordered off of its secret menu, you know just how much people LOVE the burgers from this restaurant.

Even if you consider yourself a know it all about this company there is one tiny detail you most likely overlooked, and it’s a big part of the company, and apparently, unacceptable to a few close-minded people.

When one customer came in for his usual In-N-Out order, he was pissed at the small print he noticed written on the bottom of his cup. Since his last visit, he shared his experience, or in this case tantrum, on social media and it’s gotten a lot of attention.

An In-N-Out Burger customer ordered his usual burger, fries, and soft drink, but was taken aback by what he saw. On the bottom of the drink cup, he saw something he recognized.

It was a Bible verse; John 3:16, to be exact. That’s when he realized the cheeseburger wrapper and French fry container also had Bible verses on them. The customer posted his findings to social media and it caused a stir.


His effort to chastise the company fell on deaf ears, however; In-N-Out has been open about its founders’ strong Christian values for years.

Despite this not exactly being “news,” it seems many customers never noticed the connection and accused the chain of promoting its beliefs.


It’s ironic that liberals are pushing for everyone to accept Muslims and not to discriminate against them, but it’s okay to do that with a Christian company?! Guarantee if this were a Muslim verse on the bottom of a cup it would be blasted all over liberal news congratulating them on their diversity and “braveness”.

Have you ever noticed the bible verses? This customer’s find caused a lot of controversy, and reminds us that many other companies publicize their founders’ beliefs on their packaging. Despite your own beliefs, there’s no denying that In-N-Out Burger’s food is delicious!

Do you think this company should be allowed to put bible verses on their products?


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