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Guess Who’s Been Accused of Raping Children? Hint: Not Brad Pitt


Children and Family Services in Los Angeles are investigating Brad Pitt for verbal and physical abuse of his children. Just another nasty Hollywood divorce.


In order to make sure that trashy stuff about movie stars takes America’s focus away from the mess that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have made of the nation, the Department of Children and Families Services is expected to continue their investigation into Pitt for at least several more weeks.

Brad Pitt and his family problems aren’t what we are focusing on today with this post, today were going to look at a cultural phenomenon that happens routinely in a specific culture, and is growing quickly in America. The only surprising thing about this story is that the child rapist got outed in his country.

We’re talking about 46-year-old Saeed Toosi, who is a prominent Quran reciter in his home country of Iran. You remember Iran, it’s Barack Obama’s newest friend and ally in the Middle East.


Toosi is apparently good buddies with the Islamic Republic’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, who  likely shielded him from charges of simply doing what Muslims do.

There are varying reports of the number of children that this top-ranked and highly respected Muslim has raped. Some reports allege as many as 20, while others have lower numbers. If I had to guess, any publicized number is low.

Let’s remember, the prophet Mohammed’s favorite wife was only nine years old. Child rape isn’t something new to Islam, it’s been going on for 14 centuries and it’s widely accepted in Islamic countries. It’s also widely accepted by Muslims in countries that are being invaded by “Muslim refugees.”

According to published reports,

The allegations are unprecedented in the Islamic republic, where such figures are generally trusted by the public and claims of this nature are usually kept in the dark, with few victims known to have ever dared to come forward.

In the past week, at least three male complainants have given separate interviews accusing Saeed Toosi, a prominent qari (someone who recites Muslims’ holy book with a melodious sound), of sexual misconduct including rape while they were between the ages of 12 and 13.

You think given Mohammed’s standard of nine years olds, people who rape kids who are 12 and 13 would be given a free pass in the Islamic Republic.

The published report goes on to say,

Sex is still considered a taboo subject in Iran.  There is little public debate around the issue of consent or the protection of children in schools or among families.

In a country where consensual sex between adults outside marriage is forbidden, same-sex intercourse between non-homosexual individuals is rife, and many confuse homosexuality with “bacha bazi:” sex between a man and a boy.

That’s the Religion of Peace for you. These are the people that Barack Obama and Paul Ryan want to relocate to your neighborhood. These are the people who Hillary Clinton insists Barack Obama and Paul Ryan are being too stingy with the number of people they want to relocate to your neighborhood.

Remember, Toosi is some “homeless pervert” who is an outlier.  He has been identified in news articles as Ayatollah Khamenei’s “favorite Quran reciter.” In other words, Toosi is part of the inner circle at the highest levels of the Iranian government and the Muslim “religion.”

A lot like Huma Abedin is Hillary Clinton’s closest confident.


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