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Giuliani: “Bill and Hillary Clinton Have Been Grifters – Taking Payoffs – from the Day He Was Governor of Arkansas” [VIDEO]


I like Rudy Giuliani because he doesn’t mince words. Especially about Bill and Hillary Clinton. After the third debate the media was in a frenzy over Trump’s comments that he might not accept the election results if it’s close. Fortunately Rudy was there to punch the media Democratic operatives with bylines right between the eyes.

“Clinton’s achieve. So I would say, all except the results of the election when I see the paper, see how much they won by, see if they’re big enough margins that you can’t defraud your way out of it, I’ll accept that either way.

But if the margins are close, I’ll probably want a recount as, by the way, Al Gore did. So Al Gore can do it I don’t see why everyone is so surprised that Donald Trump can do it.”

Not only did Al Gore challenge the results of the 2000 election, but Democrats and their media operatives with bylines are still whining about the result.

Giuliani then went on with the perfect description of the Clinton Crime Family is only Rudy can..

Bill and Hillary Clinton have been grifters from the day he was governor of Arkansas


They sold the Lincoln bedroom. They gave Mark Rich a pardon for hundreds of millions of dollars for who knows what. Now they’re taking hundreds of millions of dollars from countries that kill women, stone women, don’t allow them to drive a car. Bill Clinton claims to be a feminist?”

Giuliani went on to pound the press with facts.

“If there are any indications that it’s a fraudulent election of course [Donald Trump would challenge it.]  Any Republicans who accept the results of a forged election would be stupid. I would not accept the results of a fraudulent election.

There is something like 140 250,000 people are registered to vote that don’t seem to be alive.”

Giuliani went on to cite personal experience when he was running for mayor of New York City.

“I’ll tell you how they’ll do it. Because they did it to me in New York. They will bus people and who will vote dead people’s names four, five, six and seven times.”

The Democrats deny vote fraud exists even in the face of the Democratic National Committee contractor admitting that Democrats have been committing vote fraud for 50 years.

Here’s the commissioner of the board of elections in New York City admitting that Democrats bus people from district to district to vote fraudulently and one of the reasons they get away with it is because New York doesn’t require photo ID to vote.

You can bet this will be widespread on November 8. It’s just what Democrats do. You can also bet that the Democratic operatives with media bylines will ignore it. That’s just what the mainstream media does.

There’s a difference in this election though, the Republicans actually went so far as to nominate a candidate who is willing to fight. That’s one of the reasons the Republican Establishment dislikes Donald Trump so much. He’s a fighter. Say what you will about Trump, he’s got more spine than the entire Republican Establishment combined and they’re afraid that if he’s elected president he’s likely to put them out of business.

We can only hope.


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