FREEFALL: NFL’s Monday Night Football Loses Almost Half It’s Viewership in 2 Weeks!

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Colin Kaepernick and his fellow protesting player’s antics are costing the NFL football big-time and it’s getting worse each day!

Monday Night Football viewership is dropping like flies, boycotts are spreading like wildfires, and Colin Kaepernick is the most disliked player in the NFL!

How far does it go before the NFL starts firing these players for their stupid antics while they are on the clock? reports:

This past Monday, there was a significant drop for Monday Night Football which showed the Atlanta Falcons playing the New Orleans Saints. Only 8 million viewers, representing a 40 percent drop from the first week, when 13 million watched.

Sunday Night Football is is bad shape as well:

NBC’s showing of “Sunday Night Football” was down 14 percent, to 23.1 million viewers; it lost another 14 percent in the second week with 22.8 million views when the Green Bay Packers played the Minnesota Vikings, and another 7 percent to 20.6 million in the third week when the Chicago Bears played the Dallas Cowboys.

The NFL is worried. The NFL Player’s Association executive director DeMaurice Smith told NBC’s ProFootballTalk that it’s a “huge concern” for his organization.

Money is the bottom line. It is only time before they start firing people. As Colin Kaepernick cannot even really play well, my money is on him to be the first to go! There was a lot of discussion of him being replaced before the antics started. Some even theorize that he started the antics in the first place to deflect from his bad performance.

I will say it again! What these morons are doing isn’t even real protest! It is a lazy 3 minute tactic! A REAL protest would require them to get their lazy butts out and stand on the street somewhere for hours at a time.

Even this child gets it! He needs to clean up his language a bit tho!


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