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Franklin Graham SHREDS the Lies about Evangelicals and Donald Trump! [VIDEO]


In our home we love Franklin Graham, he’s a true servant. He’s also very outspoken about the importance of this presidential election. Last Friday Graham spoke out about the importance of November 8 and how “bad behavior” is nothing more than a distraction from the real issues. Graham is most concerned about the makeup of the Supreme Court.

Here’s what Franklin posted on his Facebook page.


“This election is about the Supreme Court and the justices that the next president will nominate. Evangelicals are going to have to decide which candidate they trust to nominate men and women to the court who will defend the constitution and support religious freedoms.”

He’s also noted that 20 to 30 million Christians stayed home in 2012. You can just imagine the difference their conservative votes would’ve made.

Here’s Franklin Graham talking about the importance of the election several months ago after a trip to Louisiana to help people who had been flooded out. Donald Trump happened to be there at the same time Graham was and here’s what Franklin had to say.

Franklin is being very direct about the importance of this election. “This is the most important election of my lifetime. I want the church to wake up. The church has to vote. America needs to hear the voice of God’s people.”

He goes on in his very direct Franklin Graham manner to challenge evangelical voters. “Evangelicals are going to have to decide which candidate they trust to nominate men and women to the court who will defend the Constitution and support religious freedoms. My prayer is that Christians will not be deceived by the liberal media about what is at stake for future generations.”

Reverend Graham may not be endorsing anyone in this election, but I would have to say his intentions are very clear given the way the liberal media is going all out for Hillary Clinton.

November 8 is the day we decide whether we begin to return to the founders vision for America or we become a Banana Republic. Your vote counts, make it for Donald Trump. Your nation is counting on you, your children and grandchildren are counting on you. Don’t let them down.


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