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RATINGS PLUMMET! Monday Night Football Hits Lowest Viewership EVER as Protests Escalate!


Monday Night Football had record breaking viewership in 2015 and has now hit it’s lowest viewership numbers since its inception in 1970!

The NFL is even having to refund advertisers because they are far below promised metrics!

I have a feeling, the NFL is trying to find a way to stop the bleeding as I write! Colin Kaepernick, you killed football!!

SilverBlackAndPride reports:

There has been a nasty little surprise for the NFL this season, their television ratings are in a steady decline. Their flagship program Monday Night Football on ESPN specifically has been getting raked over the coals. In fact, one week was their lowest rated game in the history of Monday Night Football.

Even when taking that game out of consideration due to the unique programming battle it had, the ratings for MNF have been going down. This past Monday’s game wasn’t against any potential presidents and it still dropped 8% from the previous year’s week. Now, that’s better than the 19% overall they were down going into that game but it still isn’t what the NFL was expecting.

It’s not just MNF though, Sunday Night Football is also experiencing an ample drop in ratings. They just experienced the lowest overnight ratings they have had since 2007 after this past week’s Steelers clobbering of the Chiefs. Their viewership numbers were their lowest of the season.

The NFL is worried. The NFL Player’s Association executive director DeMaurice Smith told NBC’s ProFootballTalk that it’s a “huge concern” for his organization.

When are these idiots that rely on the free market going to learn that in this country there is more than one way to vote? This far left PC crap loses them money every time!

I will also keep pointing out that Kaepernick and Co. are not even really protesting. What they are doing is a lazy 3 minute antic. They don’t have the guts to go out and really stand somewhere holding a sign for countless hours. When they are done with the game they go on their merry way and do absolutely nothing for their cause.

It is insanity and they should all be fired for costing their BOSSES money. Most of those participating in these lazy antics can barely hold their own on a field anyway.


Even this child gets it! He needs to clean up his language a bit tho! Listen to this kid as he wishes he could “Beat Kaepernick’s Butt!” PRICELESS!




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