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First “Deplorables” Now We’re “Rednecks”? Clinton’s Can’t Keep Their Mouths Shut [VIDEO]


The Clinton Crime Family have no use for the American people. Unless of course they live in San Francisco, Hollywood, Manhattan, or are Clinton Crime Foundation donors.

Hillary called half of trump supporters “deplorables,” a group of hateful bigots. Her adulterous (can you blame him?) husband Bill was not to be outdone. He said Trump supporters are “standard rednecks.”

Their Democratic supporters cheers loudly.

Let’s face it, the Clintons are finally just saying out loud what Democrats have been saying in private for decades. They are better than the “common people.” That’s why they support an unlimited expansion of the federal government. After all, we “common people” aren’t smart enough to think for ourselves so it’s incumbent on the “smart people” – Democrats – to make sure our lives are structured in a way that allows them to make every decision. We need to be saved from ourselves.

If you look in the dictionary you will find the Democratic Party logo along with pictures of Bill and Hillary and Barack Obama next to the word “arrogant.”

Remember that on November 8 while you still have the right to vote.


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