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FBI Stops Helping Hillary Long Enough to Make Terrorist Predictions: It’s not good…


You might say tracking terrorists is a lot like tracking hurricanes.  We invest millions of dollars into technology, but we still have to rely on humans on the ground for more accurate predictions. In doing so, often times, these people risk their lives to warn others of the dangers, as they did with Hurricane Matthew.

Like the storm trackers of Hurricane Matthew, our soldiers are the “storm trackers” of ISIS. They are no different than the storm trackers who fly right into the path of destruction or eye of the hurricane, risking their lives so that we can more accurately warn thousands of others of the dangers that are coming. Like the storm trackers, warning us about a category 4 hurricane heading for our coasts, our soldiers and the FBI are warning Americans there is a major hurricane coming – and that hurricane is called “ISIS”.

It seems now that FBI Director Comey has let Crooked Hilary “off the hook” he has more time to concentrate on other domestic terrorists and groups like ISIS and the danger they impose on America and Americans as they infilitrate with the refugees that Obama continues to let into our country which are unvetted.


H/T Frontpage Mag:

Storms of course, are not the only threat we face, especially in this turbulent and volatile era.  Increasingly terrorists have gone on bloody rampages around the world and here, within the borders of our nation.

Huge sums of money and Herculean efforts are being expended by various elements of our military and intelligence and law enforcement agencies to develop effective intelligence about the activities of these terrorist organizations that, not unlike major storms, are on the move around the world. The intelligence reports that these agencies produce forecast threats America and Americans face- not from natural events but from threats posed by America’s adversaries.

While the mission of our armed services is to work with our allies to locate and engage these terrorists overseas, our law enforcement agencies are tasked with protecting America and Americans within our borders.

The “War on Terror” is a multi-front battle that must be won on all fronts.

James Comey, the Director of the FBI heads up a key agency that has the dual responsibility of gathering intelligence on terrorist organization and acting on that intelligence through law enforcement actions by its Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The 9/11 Commission was clear about how it was multiple failures of the immigration system- ranging from the visa adjudications process, to border security, including the way that aliens are lawfully admitted into the United States through the legal inspections process conducted at ports of entry enabled terrorists to enter the United States.  The Commission also warned that failures of the immigration benefits program whereby aliens were granted employment authorization and lawful immigration status including political asylum and even United States citizenship enable terrorists to embed themselves in the United States as they prepare their deadly attacks.


Furthermore, John Brennan, the Director of the CIA has also warned about how ISIS and other terrorist organizations are embedding their operatives in refugee flows.

America has been handed one hell of a “weather forecast” predicting an onslaught of terror-related violence, destruction and death.

Yet the administration continues to admit refugees in increasing numbers, even though multiple high-ranking administration officials have, with crystal-clarity, warned that these refugees cannot be vetted.

Even in the face of all of the foregoing, Hillary Clinton insists that if elected she would greatly increase the number of Syrian refugees she would admit into the United States.  She has repeatedly complained bitterly about her beliefs that the administration has acted far too aggressively to enforce our immigration laws and out of “compassion” she would, within one hundred days of taking office, provide unknown millions of illegal aliens with lawful status and pathways to United States citizenship, blithely ignoring the findings and recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.

When the heads of the FBI and the CIA along with other high-ranking officials of our government warn of an impending onslaught of terrorists and their violence, this administration has consistently turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to those warnings and has continued to admit ever more refugees who cannot be vetted.  It has refused to ramp up efforts to locate and deport aliens who have violated our borders and our immigration laws.

These actions fly in the face of commonsense and the findings and recommendations of the 9/11 commission.

Wake UP people!

I don’t care how tired you are of the mudslinging, immature and gross comments made over a decade ago – our nation is about to get hit with a category 5 hurricane or the “eye of the storm” called ISIS. We have been warned on several fronts, but Obama and Clinton DON’T care!

Obama continues to admit millions of refugees and by the time he leaves office, he hopes to have admitted over 1 million. Obama continues to admit refugees even AFTER his administration has been told, by mulitple sources, that their is a real problem with our current immigration process. Our immigration process IS the reason we have a domestic terrorism problem! It’s like having the best technology and stormwatchers tell Obama that a category 5 hurricane is coming – but Obama is NOT listening! It’s as if he is taking away all our plywood, sandbags, food for storage and batteries – all of our safety measures before we even get a chance to use them against the violent storm we know that’s coming. That storm is called ISIS.

Clinton is NO different. She will continue to flood our country without the same security measures in place. The
storm will continue to get worse, even though we have been warned about the hurricane called “ISIS”. The warnings have come on Obama’s and Clinton’s deaf ears.

Let’s hope Americans don’t have deaf ears when it comes to the “eye of the storm” – Hillary Clinton and ISIS – on election day. If you do, don’t say you weren’t warned.




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