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FBI Efforts to Keep Hillary Out Of Prison Are Working


Congressional Republicans are not happy with the immunity deals that the FBI made with five Hillary Clinton aides related to her email. The general opinion is that the FBI didn’t simply “mishandle” the Clinton email investigation, it was a setup from the beginning.

An article in Politico noted,

Oversight Committee Republicans seized after the disclosure that Clinton’s lawyer Cheryl Mills was granted protection from prosecution for turning over to the FBI the laptop she used while helping sort Clinton’s “work-related” emails from her “personal messages.” The work messages were slated to be made public, while the personal ones were deleted. Also receiving legal protection was Heather Samuelson, a Clinton campaign staffer turned legal assistant who made the initial determination on how to categorize the emails.

“If the FBI wanted any other American’s laptop, they just go get it – they wouldn’t get in immunity deal,” Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), and oversight panel member, said in a phone interview. “But everyone associated with Clinton gets a different set of standards applied to them… It’s the strangest stuff I’ve ever seen.”

Not only did these five Clinton staffers receive immunity, but apparently the language of the immunity agreements didn’t require them to answer questions from other investigative agencies, like the Congress. That is a typical clause in any immunity agreement.

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The purpose of immunity agreement is to free up information so the justice system can get the truth. That truth should then lead to the prosecution of responsible parties.

In the case of Hillary Clinton, the Department of Justice and the Clinton flacks at the FBI have used immunity to make it convenient for all the parties involved in a crime to hide behind their silence.

But heck, if you paid any attention to the Clintons over the years you know that laws are for little people.

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