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Even Hillary Admits Refugees Can’t Be Vetted for Terrorist-Ties


Barack Obama and Paul Ryan have been working her fingers to the bone for the past couple of years making the way to bring hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Muslim “refugees” to your neighborhood and neighborhoods near you.

They keep insisting the “refugees” will be vetted to make sure they’re not terrorists.

Hillary Clinton is, if anything, far to the left of Obama and Ryan and will bring in even more “refugees.”


Today on the campaign trail Hillary insists that she wants refugees vetted.

Guess what? Hillary is lying through her teeth. I know, you’re not surprised.

She makes statements like that and out of the other side of her mouth she told a private group – according to WikiLeaks – that Jordan “can’t possibly That all those refugees… So they don’t know if… Jihadists are coming in along with legitimate refugees.”

In September of last year Hillary called on the U.S. to accept 65,000 Syrian “refugees” every year. The majority of those “refugees” are currently in Jordan. You remember Jordan, it’s that place that “can’t possibly that all those refugees.”

As far as relocating “refugees” from the Middle East to the U.S., how about we let them stay in Jordan. They share a common culture. They have nothing in common with U.S. neighborhoods.

November 8 is drawing near and as you walk into the ballot box, please remember that a vote for Hillary Clinton – or a vote that is not for Donald Trump – is a stamp of approval on the open borders policy supported by Barack Obama and Paul Ryan, and a request for Hillary Clinton to bring millions of Muslim invaders into the U.S., into neighborhoods just like yours.


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