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Eric Trump UNLEASHES on Hillary Clinton!


Last week Eric Trump took on the Clinton Crime Family and their crusade of lies about Donald Trump’s tax filing. At the core of the argument is the legal disclosure by the New York Times of Trump’s 1995 tax returns that showed a $1 billion loss. That loss could be carried forward and eliminate tax debt in the future.

Hillary is screaming that Donald isn’t “paying his fair share.”

Eric Trump was on America’s Newsroom and address the issue head on.

“She hasn’t created a single job in her entire career. She’s been a career politician. She’s lived off the U.S. government. She’s lived off your tax dollars in my tax dollars in every hard-working American’s tax dollars her entire life.”

He went on to add, “My father, on the other hand has built a business that’s incredible… He’s lived the American dream.”

Trump noted that every tax deduction his father took in 1995 was legal. He went on to note that even Hillary takes legal tax deductions. If she didn’t like the tax structure, she could’ve worked to change it when she was a Senator from New York. She didn’t.

Young Trump noted the contrasting how his dad is funding his campaign versus how Hillary is funding hers. Trump put his own money online, Clinton is using money from Wall Street special interests.

The big question this year is whether American voters are going to tolerate someone who long ago sold her soul to special interest groups on Wall Street.



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