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Drunken Immigrants Go Berserk in Refugee Center: Staff Viciously Beaten!


President Obama has brought into our country over 650,000 illegal immigrants from terrorist sponsored nations. Obama has promised by the time he leaves office that will be close to a million. Americans have never had so many “isolated” attacks in one year by immigrants from these same countries. As long as the Democrats like Obama and Clinton are in charge, America will continue to support an increase in illegal immigrants.

With Obama’s increase in illegal immigrants from these terrorist nations, we can continue to look at those countries abroad to project what America’s future has in store. A future of increased crime, increased vandalism and increased riots.  If you think Black Lives Matter riots are bad, just wait. America has yet to experience the real unrest when millions of immigrants flow into our country and don’t assimilate, and our citizens watch as their beloved country erodes. That’s what’s happening in many countries in Europe now.


H/T Breitbart:

Drunken migrants in a refugee shelter in Germany have rioted, smashing doors and property as well as robbing, attacking and injuring security staff.

The incident began in the facility in the district of Reinickendorf, north Berlin, after security discovered their office had been looted and the door broken down, Berliner Morgenpost reports.

Tensions then escalated after the staff decided to switch off the lights at around 2am. Around 50 migrants began to riot, punching and kicking the security personnel and vandalising cars nearby.

The staff ended up barricaded in a locked room before police were called and around 30 officers scrambled to the scene to rescue them.

One of the security personnel was reportedly rushed to hospital with a head injury.

Police said that many of the migrants appeared to be drunk when the arrived, and insisted they would press charges of disturbing the peace, grievous bodily harm and property damage against the ‘refugees’, the DPA news agency reports.

 The security staffs later suggested the riot may have been planned, as tensions between them and the residents had been building for some time.
Crime, vandalism and riots are becoming increasingly common the German migrant centres since more than half a million “refugees” arrived from the Middle East and Asian last year.
In Germany more than a half of million “refugees” have arrived. In America, Obama has brought in over 650,000 and that number will grow to be at least 1 million by the time he leaves office in January. If you expect that number to decrease if Hillary Clinton is elected THINK AGAIN!
Of course, you should also THINK AGAIN about whether you want to be able to still recognize America after all these refugees or illegal aliens are admitted into our country by Obama, Clinton and other democrats. You should THINK AGAIN about what America will look like after 12 years of Democrats being in charge or having a Democratic president.  If you think crime is bad now, THINK AGAIN!
I can assure you Donald Trump does NOT support open borders or the flooding of refugees from terrorist nations into our country.  I don’t know about you, but I’d like to be able to recognize my country a decade from now. I’d also like to see the next generation of my family live a “normal” life without the fear of more of these “isolated” or “work related” radical Islamic terrorist attacks becoming the “norm” wouldn’t you?
I hope and pray when you vote for our next president you THINK AGAIN about Germany and the country that it has become…or the country that was lost because their government believed importing millions of refugees into their country was “the right thing to do”. Of course, I highly doubt if Germany would have imported all these refugees, if they’d had known that there would be such high increases in gang riots, gang rapes or sexual assaults, and other horrendous crimes committed by these refugees .
When you vote for America’s next president…THINK AGAIN about Germany and their lost country…and if you even THINK about voting for Hillary Clinton for president…I pray for the sake of our national security, our country and our children, you THINK AGAIN!


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