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Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star SMASHED! [Video]


Looks like just another typical, liberal, Hollywood Clinton supporter and criminal is at it again. This time I guess he didn’t like Donald Trump’s “star” status, so he smashed Trump’s star from “The Apprentice” show on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a sledgehammer and pick-ax.

Knowing Hillary Clinton and her campaign, they probably paid the protester to smash Trump’s star. Afterall, if Hillary can pay people to dress as ducks and incite violence at Trump rallies, why wouldn’t she do this?  Clinton will do ANYTHING for publicity and do ANYTHING to incite a protest when it comes to Donald Trump.


The star, which was placed in 2007 in recognition of Trump’s work on ‘The Apprentice,’ was clobbered with a sledgehammer and pick-ax at around 5:45am Wednesday.

A man calling himself Jamie Otis claimed responsibility for the attack, telling Deadline Hollywood that the star had to go.


Otis seems like a real winner, if you know what I mean.  He’s been arrested over 24 times already for other similar acts. So, it looks like just another criminal doing another criminal, Hillary Clinton, a “fave”.

Otis originally wanted to just remove the star, auction it off and then donate the money to the “alleged” women that have been “sexually assaulted” or “harassed” by Donald Trump.  All lies. I think we all know Clinton just paid these women to step forward…all coincidentally at this point in time…just weeks before his election…come on!

We all know that this narrative about Trump is just another scam created by Hillary Clinton for the MSM to distract Americans from the REAL news….which is all the WikiLeaks related to the Podesta emails and the REAL scandals and lies behind Clinton.


So, here’s this guy, Otis, who’s trying to remove the star and then discovers it’s a little more challenging to dig up than he thought it would be….so he just destroys it instead.  What an idiot!

Like I said, what a moron. But these are the Clinton supporters. You’d have to be a moron afterall, to still believe that Hillary is fit to serve office, let alone run for presidency.

I hope Otis gets thrown in the slammer for destructing Trump’s star and charged with another felony. Of course, it would be nice to see Hillary thrown in the same jail cell for all her crimes too, but that will never happen, especially if more Americans like Otis vote for their candidate or criminal, Hillary Clinton for President.

Stupid people are ruining America!



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