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Doctor Pronounces Unborn Baby Dead – Then the Dad Steps In: Unbelievable! [Video]


If you need a little story to warm your heart, this may do it! If you don’t believe in miracles, this may convince you otherwise. If you don’t believe in a higher being or God this may also convince you of that too!

The story is about a couple who wanted just one more baby. They weren’t always blessed with miracles, but this time…was different. There’s one thing they did believe in….the power of prayer.

Candace and Dennis Gaines always planned on having a full house. The couple already had two children, but they were trying to have another. In the process, Candace had two heartbreaking miscarriages. The third time around would be a roller coaster of emotions. When Candace was eight weeks, she began bleeding and was rushed to the ER. When doctors conducted an ultrasound, they discovered something. Candace was told her baby was dead. But the parents wanted another opinion, after a second ultrasound, they were told the same thing: their baby had no heartbeat.

Dennis and Candace continued to have hope. Before declaring a miscarriage, Dennis made one request. After three weeks of being told their baby was gone, he asked if they check again. Just one more time. Miraculously, the heartbeat was there. It was not only present, but it was perfect. It was as if nothing had happened at all.

Today that baby, little Grace, is a happy, healthy toddler. Even the doctor, who was ecstatic about the news, admitted that it was a miracle. The state-of-the-art equipment couldn’t have been wrong, the miraculous recovery was completely unexplainable.

What did I tell you? Heartwarming right? Absolutely! Grace IS a miracle. You can’t explain how a baby without a heartbeat can suddenly be alive 2-3 weeks later, other than to say this child is a “Grace of God”.  Miracles do happen when you believe in the power of prayer and God’s blessings.




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