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Destroying the U.S. Military One Transgender Soldier at a Time


In his quest to destroy the U.S. military, Barack Obama is leaving no stone unturned. The military recently lifted its ban on “transgender” men and women (or whatever) who serve in the Armed Forces. The Obama Gender Rule says that any soldier whose ability to serve is affected by their biological gender will be eligible for sex reassignment surgery or hormone therapy.

The military currently doesn’t have enough money to maintain their aircraft. Fighter pilots have had their flight hours cut below flight qualification levels because they don’t have airplanes to fly. This year two pilots were killed because of maintenance problems on their planes. The Pentagon, in their infinite wisdom, has managed to carve out almost $10 million for medical help for the transgendered.


That’s Bradley Manning, a traitor who released massive amounts of top-secret data to WikiLeaks. After he was arrested he decided he was transgender in the Army, in their infinite wisdom, is paying for his sex reassignment surgery.

There hasn’t been any comment from the families of the dead fighter pilots on the military’s priorities and use of funds.

Believe it or not, organizations that represent transgender perverts aren’t happy with the Pentagon’s new policy. It doesn’t go far enough. It doesn’t cover family and retired service members.

With respect to recovering retired service members, keep in mind that over 200 veterans have died just in Phoenix because the VA hospital kept shuffling their appointments. These veterans were cancer patients who could’ve been treated quickly and cheaply and live long and healthy lives but because of VA’s incompetence, negligence, and greed they weren’t seen on a timely basis and they died.


No one at the VA has lost their job or been charged with a crime in the deaths of these 200 veterans.

The VA can’t take care of men and women who served their nation honorably and the far left is having a fit because the pervert brigade won’t get sexual reassignment surgery.

Personally, I’m sympathetic. I’m willing to expand the medical clinic I run to handle the sexual reassignment surgeries. Our clinic is very effective and we keep our prices low. It’s the “Scottsdale Chainsaw Clinic,” we do outpatient procedures with no overnight stays, and all procedures are four dollars, blood is extra.


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